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Andrew Tate talks about his point of views on “Anything goes with James English”

Used with Permission by CC BY 3.0/Anything Goes With James English

Andrew Tate talks about his point of views on “Anything goes with James English”

Natalie Nolan, Staff Writer

From lurking in the shadows of the Internet, this bald-headed menace has made his way to fame in all the worst ways.


 Andrew Tate, known as a misogynistic womanizer and “Alpha Male,” got his first rise to fame in 2016 when he has kicked off the show “Big Brother.” He was kicked off for beating a woman with a belt, though she did allegedly say it was consensual; however, people do not believe it was. After this incident, he disappeared without a trace until this summer. Tate’s fame grew in 2022 by projecting his views that men are more important than women. He also talks about how women need to be controlled and that they belong to their husbands or boyfriends. As his fame grew so did his amount of haters which is when all of the awful things Tate has said and done came to light.


According to Hollywood Mask, Tate claims, “It’s not about being property, it’s about the fact that she belongs to him and the intimate parts of her body belong to him because they’re in a relationship. And if she wants to sell those, he has a stake in those parts of her body.” This quote best shows how Tate’s beliefs entail that a man has a right to the woman’s body if they are in a relationship, which is just wrong. 


Tate’s fame not only raised serious concerns for the ideas he was preaching but it also influenced boys all across TikTok. People are complaining that their kids are learning all the wrong things from this “Top G.”  According to a Reddit post from a teacher, “Just this week I had to have 6 convos with families about their sons saying s*** like ‘women are inferior to men and women belong in the kitchen Ms___.’” This shows the way many young teens are being corrupted by this misogynistic man on TikTok. We need to be careful with how we deal with what kids are watching. Thankfully Tate has been banned from all social media platforms and that is for the better, as young social media users are safer now that he and his controversial views are gone.