Jada Sandvall

LHS homecoming royalty bonds through taking a pyramid picture in front of the school!

Caroline Hughes, Staff Writer

Homecoming for LHS was held last week, Oct. 3-Oct. 7. This was a big week for high school students as many activities took place. There were themed dress-up days, bouncy houses, a variety show, a pep rally and a football game to end the week. The dress-up days were very unique this year being; minion Monday, Adam Sandler day for Tuesday, western Wednesday, preppy Thursday and school spirit for Friday when all the classes wear different colors to represent their grade. Freshmen wore red, sophomores wore white, juniors wore blue and seniors wore black. The pep rally was also one of the bigger events that happened during homecoming week. An object called the “spirit stick” is given out to the class that is the most hype. This year the award was given to the seniors which is not a big surprise. 

One of the biggest events was coronation day where the Homecoming King and Queen were announced. This happened for LHS on the Thursday night before the football game so that the King and Queen could wear their crowns to the game. This award went to seniors Fisher Meyerink and Sophie Siegel. They competed against Katie Jensen, Leah Bosler, Ella Ratliff, Jennifer Noutsougan, Gabe Gutierrez, Cole Capaldo, Sam Vondra and Elliott Renville.

Q1: What LHS activities are you involved in?

Siegel: “Volleyball, track, Captain’s counsel and HOSA.” 

Meyerink: “I’m involved in the Statesman, marching band and NHS.” 

Q2: What’s your favorite hobby?

Siegel: “I love playing Volleyball.” 

Meyerink: “Theater with DAPA.”

Q3: What’s your favorite class?

Siegel: “Peer tutoring with Bradfield.” 

Meyerink: “AP Psych.” 

Q4: What is the first thing you do when you get home from school?

Siegel: “When I get home from volleyball practice I eat a nice warm meal my mom makes and take a shower because I’m sweaty.” 

Meyerink: “Open the car door, exit my car, walk to my house, open the house door and take my shoes off.” 

Q5: What makes you an LHS crazie?

Siegel: “I love getting involved and meeting new people.” 

Meyerink: “I fall down the E-wing stairs at least twice a week.”