Artwork by Adeline Theophilus

Brands change their themes depending on holidays to attract new and existing customers.

Adeline Theophilus, Staff Writer

Halloween is the first of four holidays to commence the “holiday season.” In America, Halloween is a huge tradition and aesthetic, and many brands tend to add or switch up their products for Halloween. It fits their marketing ideas and draws the public’s attention. Here are three brands that are ahead of the Halloween game and catching everyone’s eye. 

For starters, the nutrition brand Alani Nu has released their annual Witches Brew drink. This energy drink is themed both inside and outside of the can. The label is colored purple, brown and green and features a witch’s hand holding a caramel apple. The drink is available for a limited time this year and is caramel-apple flavored. Alani Nu has gained popularity among fitness influencers. There are nine flavors, not including Witches Brew. “Consumers can sip on a spooky season favorite while also getting a balanced boost of energy,” said www.prnewswire.com. 

Secondly, LUSH Cosmetics is known to never miss a holiday rebrand. This year, LUSH has released spooky themed bath products including pumpkin, vampire, ghost, cyclone and many other Halloween themed bath bombs. Along with their bath bomb collection, they have many other products. Most ideas stem from bats, bigfoot, brains, UFOs and more. This collection was released on Aug. 21 and is available to the public for a limited time.

Lastly, Bath & Body Works never misses on a holiday collection. They tend to get a head start by releasing their Halloween products on July 18. Their launch includes a variety of candles, perfumes, body washes and lotions. What most people rave about are the candle and soap holders. When released, most sell out immediately then get re-sold on Facebook groups or eBay for hundreds of dollars. To say the least, Bath & Body Works’ launch is always a huge success. To top it all off, their storere-designs their entire inside shopping area during the season. 

This holiday season, make sure to keep an eye out for brands who release collections. They never fail to satisfy people’s holiday spirits.