It’s the most generous time of the year


Ariahna Wells

WIN times sign up and select two wishes off of the tree which will grant the Christmas wishes of children at Lifescape.

Ariahna Wells, Staff Writer

With the holiday season ramping up, the number of volunteers is also ramping up. This time of year is not only known for making cookies, decorating trees and drinking one’s favorite hot beverages, but it is also known as the season of giving.

Many of us are bombarded by family members asking for our Christmas list, but few have to worry that none of those wishes will be fulfilled. For the third year in a row, LHS WIN times and Lifescape are partnering together to make sure every kid has a gift under the tree to open on Christmas day.

Lifescape is a non-profit that strives to provide resources to better the lives of the children and adults they serve. Lifescape serves children with all sorts of needs, ranging from a short amount of time to recover from a serious illness or children who need longer-term care due to their challenges. The least of their worries should be whether or not they will have a gift with their name on it.

Through both Student Council and Patriot Pride Committee, WIN times sign up and select two wishes from children at Lifescape and grant them. Alongside granting wishes, Lifescape is also asking for snack donations, such as Cheez-Its, Goldfish and any other snack that adults could enjoy throughout their day. Not only does granting a child’s wish fill each day with fun as they try and guess what is in the wrapped present but it also shows them that no matter how far they are from their family, they will still have a gift under the tree.

The Lifescape gift drive is a great way to kick off the holiday season and make a positive impact on the community. Spending $15 or less on a gift this Christmas will bring insurmountable happiness and excitement to all the children who get to see their name on the present under the tree this year.