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Kadence Dean

Jack Harlow’s opening act at Come Home the Kids Miss You Tour in Minneapolis.

Kadence Dean, Staff Writer

Jack Harlow’s tour, Come Home the Kids Miss You, was one of a kind from the stage presence to the performance itself.

Harlow, who is currently on tour, performed this September at the Armory, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I had the privilege to attend. The event featured a group, The Homies, and an opening performance from City Girls.

Right at the beginning, the venue had lines swirling around the building and looping around each surrounding sidewalk. People were welcomed into the Armory at 6:30pm and filtered through security onto the floor. The concert was general admission, meaning people joined one big pit. Those who arrived early got front rows that were only a few feet away from the performers, meaning an unfortunate outcome for those even a minute late. People went to the bars, got their drinks and prepared to wait over an hour before the first performance at 7:45pm. 

When the lights shut down, the crowd pushed and cheered, believing that the beloved City Girls were going to enter, but instead a group referred to as “The Homies” entered. At first, I thought I was the only one who had no idea who these people were, but the still and straight faced crowd seemed to feel the same. Turns out I did not know that the whole beginning of the concert was going to consist of a group of guys rapping songs I had never heard of before. 

As soon as the longest hour of my life passed, the City Girls DJ welcomed the girls in. The City Girls portion started off as a solid performance, they sang their popular songs and danced across the stage, but after a while the crowd went dead. The girls did not engage with the crowd as much as I believed they would, and they did not seem to stray away from the strict choreography. They called a few members of the audience up at one point, but the walking back and forth started to become a bit boring. I do believe that the blame could be on the crowd, but aside from the engagement, the execution of their music was everything I expected it to be. Their voices sounded just how I had expected, and you could tell they were actually singing at most points, which is not always the case. Overall, I am glad I can say I saw City Girls perform in concert.

Time passed slower and slower waiting for Harlow to come out for his performance. Soon enough the crowd began to push more and more, as they started to get impatient. Everyone fought and pushed to get to the front, and this only got worse when the lights went out and a spotlight illuminated his silhouette. He began singing his hits and his stage presence brought a different sense of life to the crowd. He engaged with the crowd and made everyone feel noticed. He managed to go through many songs including a few of his first to find his day one fans. The crowd was hot and sweaty from the compression that happened when he came to the stage, but eventually not one thing mattered anymore. His sets were incredible and the sound boomed. Guest appearances by Timberwolves’ D’Angelo Russell and singer/rapper Bryson Tiller elevated the show even more. There were nice seamless transitions and breaks between each song, and he even called a few fans up to play basketball in order to win tickets to another show. Short clips played in a few of the breaks to keep the audience interested. Overall, Harlow’s performance was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. He truly was the star of the show.

After the concert, fans filtered out of the venue. I stopped to buy some overpriced merch and made it to my car quickly, and thanks to the VIP parking I purchased, I made it out in record time with no issue. All I would recommend when going to a concert of Harlow’s is to wear some comfortable shoes, an outfit you won’t overheat in and drink plenty of water. Something that I wish I would have done was get water before the concert began instead of being parched mid concert and unable to leave my spot. In conclusion, the Jack Harlow ”Come Home the Kids Miss You” Tour was an amazing experience and totally worth going to. I would recommend going to one of his performances any day.