‘Twas the night before Christmas


Artwork by Betsy Haft

Christmas traditions can vary depending on what your family or loved ones do to celebrate.

Betsy Haft, Staff Writer

Christmas Eve is a magical night full of sparkly lights, big smiles and family traditions. Many Students at LHS have customs of their own, whether that is making cookies, looking at lights or opening gifts.
Christmas Eve traditions give people a reason to get together with family and friends. For Jillienne Loss, a senior at LHS, it is getting together with her grandparents.
“My grandparents own their own bakery, every year we make all sorts of cookies. My sister, mom and I also make chex mix with nuts and small candy like m&m’s,” said Loss.
Malachi Calligan has similar traditions to Loss because they use this holiday to spend time with their loved ones.
“I plan on going to my Aunt’s and celebrating with my whole family. The best tradition is the food. It is shrimp and rice with a super good sauce,” said Calligan. Christmas eve is often used as a time for food too, whether it is family recipes or a new one, many look forward to the big meal that night.
This tradition of gathering can make Christmas a difficult time for people who have experienced a loss of a family member, friend or loved one. Instead of looking at it as a time of loss, you can continue on their legacy with traditions and a celebration of the life they lived, just as LHS student Abby Anderson plans to do this year.
“My immediate family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve by having a family dinner and opening presents. In the morning we open a couple more. Then my sister and I go to my dad’s or grandparent’s house and my step-siblings go to their mom’s. This year my grandma passed away so it will be my first Christmas without her,” said Anderson.
While some choose to wait to open gifts until Christmas morning, others still get a small gift the night before Christmas. This gift is pajamas for many students at LHS.
“My family gets matching pajamas every year,” said Reagan Wulf.
This is a fairly common Christmas tradition, but it always makes for endearing pictures and a joyful time. Matching pajamas can make waking up on Christmas morning more fun since everyone will be matching.
“At my dad’s house we have french dips and curly fries for dinner, then open our “Christmas Eve boxes” which have pajamas and snacks for us to watch a Christmas movie,” said Lexi Hopp.
Watching a holiday movie on Christmas Eve is always a solid plan, whether it be “Christmas Vacation,” “Elf” or any other classic Christmas film.
With many lovely traditions and the meaning behind each one, Christmas is truly a time for families to come together and be merry and jolly.