Welcoming Ziggi’s


Used with Permission by Canva/goodstudio & heyrabbiticons/Laura Heckenlaible, Logo Used with Permission by Creative Commons/Ziggi’s Facebook

The popular Colorado coffee chain which plans to open in Sioux Falls will offer a large menu of yummy drinks and treats.

Laura Heckenlaible, Perspectives Editor

New, Colorado-based, coffee chain announces the opening of a location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

As the city of Sioux Falls expands and more and more people come into the area, many new businesses are popping up to combat the influx. One commonality among most people, including those moving in, is the love for coffee and tasty drinks. While Sioux Falls really only has two significant chains, Scooters and Starbucks, a new competitor, Ziggi’s, is planning on joining the mix. 

Ziggi’s is not new to the coffee franchise. Its first location opened in 2004 in Colorado. Ever since then not only has it rapidly grown in Colorado but Ziggi’s has also expanded to 12 states, such as Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming. Throughout these states, over 60 locations have opened and around 120 locations are in the works.

This local location is being taken on by Michael and Liz Minor. In an article published by the Argus Leader the Minors stated, “Being raised in the Sioux Falls area, and now raising our own family here, we are very excited to interact and give back to our local community.” Because of the strong influence in other communities, the Minors believe Ziggis will make as much of an impact in other locals’ lives just like it has in their own. “This opportunity has allowed us to fulfill our dream and bring something new to the city of Sioux Falls. We love Ziggi’s coffee and can’t wait for others to as well,” said the Minors.

According to Ziggi’s, their goal is simple, “To not only provide a superior cup of coffee but also superior service customers can rely on.” Their coffee menu includes multiple variations of classic coffee like lattes, cold brews, blenders, americanos, mochas and much more. They have an expansive list of flavors ranging from caramel and hazelnut to lavender, coconut, and Irish cream. 

While the business is coined as a coffee shop customers will be pleased to find out that the brand offers more fan favorites such as Red Bull infusions, chai, smoothies, teas, Italian sodas and even their own Fresherz which are like the common juice refreshers from other shops like Starbucks. While Ziggi’s menu is already packed, they also offer basic meals and sweet treats to munch on with a drink of choice. 

As of yet, a location nor a set date has been revealed but it seems as though the owners are eager to start. Look forward to this new and unique place to study, meet with friends, or just drive through. Hopefully, customers won’t have to wait too long and they can begin to enjoy for themselves in the near future. Who knows, will Ziggi’s become the new go-to spot?