Why did you go?


Used with Permission by Laura Weber

Myself on the right and my best friend on the left right before our first day of first grade.

Elysse Weber, Staff Writer

One of the best kinds of friendships are the ones that have been a part of your life forever; the ones that are carried in your heart from no matter how close or how far away they may be. 

From birth, the little girl had already had her best friend.They were basically born together, as their parents were best friends throughout their pregnancies. They would spend not a second away from each other. They grew up together, as they lived only two houses apart. The little girl would only want to spend time with her best friend, she was the one person who understood her the way her family did, and that is why she was considered a sister. They learned to do many things together like ride bikes, play volleyball and rollerblade. However, the little girl would have never expected that her best friend would no longer be there to pick her up after she scraped her knees on those rollerblades. It’s me. I am that little girl. 


Something about friendships that no one talks about is how much of an impact someone can have on your life and that you do not realize what you have until they are not there anymore. A best friend is someone that influences the most happiness in our lives and makes us into the person we are. So, I ask myself, what am I without her?


Dear Jade, 

From living two houses apart, to then 18 hours away, has been one of the hardest challenges that I have ever had to face. From being able to knock on your door and ask for your presence, to having to buy plane tickets to see your face. Why did you have to go?

You were not there when they asked me to find a partner. You were not there when mom asked me who I wanted to invite to my 11th birthday party. You were not there to start the first day of seventh grade with me. You were miles away from me; yet you are still the only person I would choose first. And even though you visit me every once in a while, it will never compare to the days we would never leave each other’s side.

The memories we made as little girls still play in my head five years later. And even though I know that one day they might fade, I also know that you helped me turn into the person  I am today, and I will forever thank you for that. 

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” -Tim McGraw