Used with Permission by Sean Baker

You have become more like a sister to me. I am so grateful for you today and every day.

Anna Anderson, Feature Editor

To my dearest Lexi, as I think of the progress I have made over my high school years, there is one person who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. Through all of the challenges that I have faced, you have been my biggest support and for that I am forever thankful.

You came into my life during sophomore year geometry class. I had just switched teachers and you were the only one I even remotely knew, and we have been stuck together ever since. I often think about where we would be had I kept my same schedule and not made the leap of faith to email my counselor about switching. At a time when I felt most lonely, it was in those moments in that dreaded math class that I felt most seen, heard and understood by a human than I had in my entire life. Despite our teachers’ tireless efforts to keep us separated, we always found a way to talk to each other, whether that be shouting across the room or spending the entire class period texting each other what we were doing after school. Although we both lived separate lives with separate friend groups at that point, we began to lean on each other more as the year went on. By the end of that school year, we were inseparable and relied mainly on each other. Countless texts, facetime calls and time spent together nearly every weekend,you quickly began to develop into my best friend. 

From the day I met you, I looked up to you. The ability that someone could have the bravery to be facing hell but be graced with the ability to light up a room with a smile on their face. I aspire to someday be a soul that is as carefree and as loving as you. Your heart is gold and you are the life of the party, despite what challenges are going on in your life. You have the ability to light up whatever room you walk into. You stick up for your friends and the people you love and you have the amazing ability to become friends with anyone, even people you just met.

As the final semester of our high school year approaches, I feel confident that we have so many adventures yet to come. With plans to attend SDSU together with similar career paths, I have no doubt that our friendship and bond will continue to be strengthened. Lexi, I hope that you always know how much I have always loved and adored you.

Love, Anna.