Can you trust celebrity products? Kardashian Edition.


Kadence Dean

KYLIE Cosmetics viral lip kits, including a liquid lipstick and lip liner.

Kadence Dean, Staff Writer

If you have been even somewhat interested in the trending industry of products, you have probably realized how many brands the Kardashians really own. Now we are here to bring up any question that one would think about before buying a product created by a celebrity… are these products really credible?

Now just to get started, this is a list of just a few of the most recent brands and products the Kardashians either own, co-founded or have collaborated with: Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Swim, Kylie Baby, Skims by Kim, Skkn by Kim, Lemme, Good American, Barker Wellness, 818 Tequila and MOON Teeth Whitening Pen.

Now how about we do a deep dive in order to see if these products really work, or just have that signature K name to accompany it.

As seen above, Kylie Jenner clearly dominates in the product sector of being an influencer-celebrity. She owns Kylie Cosmetics, Skin, Swim and Baby. Now, what makes these products special? Kylie has been named one of the few first “youngest self-made female billionaires” due to her roar of trending Kylie Lipkits in 2014. From then her business has skyrocketed, making many new makeup products, still focusing on her main tradeline surrounded around her voluptuous lips, which she used to model her products herself. She used her influence and her own branding to really become successful. Now her products are sold in large beauty stores, like Ulta Beauty. As her cosmetic line really became popular, she also came out with another line. This was Kylie Skin. Kylie skin was launched in 2019, and although people were skeptical at first, most people had good reviews after testing it. The products are dermatologist tested and clean. The catch, however, is that there are always better options for skincare, and if you don’t fall for the influence, nobody would ever truly recommend Kylie Skin for true skin care needs. Kylie Swim, another line, was released in September 2021. Although this line was not as successful. Many people took to social media to complain about the flimsy fabrics and lousy manufacturing put into the swim line. The hype was short lived although the brand is still up. Kylie released a third product line, shortly after the birth of her second child, Kylie Baby. Although pretty new, reviews seem to be blaring about how good the products are, and the ingredients seem to be well chosen, clean and safe. 

So overall, Kylie’s products seem to be just as successful as her for the most part, but how do her sisters compare in the celebrity product market?

One of the most recent sisters that has been in the spotlight is Kourtney Kardashian. Her marriage with Travis Barker and completely-changed-up vibe from glam to rockstar has brought some new followers. She has joined her husband’s line, Barker Wellness, where their main products feature CBD. The two have collabed to release bath and body products. The products seem to be affordable and simple which makes it a pretty good company to purchase from. On the other hand, she has also released a new brand “Lemme” in September 2022 which is known for vitamin gummies for bloating, sleep, energy and concentration. This has been one of the most interesting brands to me, because what does Kourtney know about health supplements? Luckily, Kourtney’s branding team thought of this too and supported the website where you purchase the products with a whole attachment including the facts and proof to support the supplements. The website states that they have a medical team with professionals who know what they are doing, this team being Kourtney’s OB-GYN Dr. Aliabadi and Dr. Vaziri, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. The gummies are proven to be gluten free, non GMO, contain no high fructose corn syrup, gelatin free, vegan, free of any artificial ingredients and to top it all off the packaging is eco friendly. After seeing the true credibility of the Lemme brand, I trust it. I definitely think the marketing and trustworthy sources make for a really successful brand and I really can’t wait to see how far it goes.

Now, you could never forget about one of the most well-known Kardashians of the bunch: Kimberly Kardashian. Kim has the many brands Skims, Skin and Skky. Skims being a clothing and shapewear brand of Kims has been in a recent uproar of popularity with pieces going viral on social media. Skims launched in June of 2019 and has been popular ever since. The brand is known for their signature neutral tone and nude colors. Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand has doubled its valuation and is now worth $3.2 billion after raising $240 million from investors, according to Although Skims did have a rough and controversial beginning with the original brand name of Kimono, referring to the traditional Japanese robe, people seem to forget quickly for a cute body slimming garment. Another brand of Kim’s is SKKN, her new skincare line released in June of 2022. The brand sells skincare products with the appeal, again, being its signature neutral tone colors and simple designs. The products being pretty basic including some cleansers, moisturizers and toners, are pretty spendy with certain oils and serums being over $90. Aside from the pricing, the products have some alright reviews and good products. The issue is however, in the same way as Kylie Skin, there are many products out there that may be just the same for a fraction of the price. Lastly, Skky, a private equity firm cofounded with Jay Sammons, a former executive at global investment firm Carlyle Group. This firm was announced in September of 2022.  According to, the main sectors that the firm targets are consumer products, digital, ecommerce, consumer media and entertainment, hospitality and luxury. SKKY Partners was created to make both controlling and minority investments in “growth-oriented, market-leading consumer and media companies,” the company announced. 

Kendall Jenner also had to have a piece of the branding and company fun creating her 818 Tequila and co-creating the MOON teeth whitening pen. 818 Tequila is a one product sensation launched in May of 2021. The influence of Kendall’s social media made this product popular without even being released yet. The process of creating the tequila is featured on 818’s website and shows exactly why the tequila is so popular and award winning. Kendall also joined MOON, collaborating in order to create the teeth whitening pen in April of 2019. The pen was very successful and is sold in many large chain stores. The idea is great, but it’s also good to know that it’s almost impossible that one product can truly whiten your teeth all by itself.

Lastly, Khloe Kardashian, with her brand Good American. Khloe co-founded the company with Emma Grede in October of 2016. The brand is mostly known for their inclusive denim collection, although like most Kardashian products, they are quite pricey, but reviews make up for that. Many reviews are positive in that matter and complement the well fitted soft jeans they produce. In my opinion the brand is pretty humble, and the size inclusivity makes for a great marketing strategy, making Khloe’s affiliation positive for not just the brand but her own image. Ultimately the brand is successful and a great choice. 

In conclusion, the Kardashian-Jenners make for a great brand, considering they really are their own brand in itself. The influence of celebrities can really make or break a product especially in this current generation. So, with a little bit of celebrity authority and backed up evidence, a brand can really take off, and that is shown perfectly through the Kardashians.