“Ginny and Georgia” rating


Photo Used with Permission by Netflix

The show, despite having moments that inspire working together to be a better family and to be your true self no matter who you are around, is rather dark and questionable

Natalie Nolan, Staff Writer

Anyone who has social media or a Netflix account has most likely seen something about the hit show “Ginny and Georgia.” The show, despite having moments that inspire working together to be a better family and to be your true self no matter who you are around, is rather dark and questionable. The show has a rating of TV- 14, which means the intended audience is teens and older and occasionally kids one to two years younger. However, this show deals with heavy topics that someone of a young age might not be ready to understand. For instance, it talks about self-harming, abuse, murder, and sex. The show’s plot is exciting and has you on the edge of your seat. Some may wonder if the show is just a little too dark.

The plot follows a single mom, Georgia, and her two kids, Austin and Ginny, as they finally settle down in a town called Wellsbury. Georgia became pregnant with Ginny at 15, and she then ran away and partook in theft and even killed two people she was previously married to. She also was avoiding her other husbands, Zion (Ginny’s dad) and Gil (Austin’s dad). The show is about Ginny making new friends and navigating her love life to discover secrets about her mom’s past. During this time,  Ginny falls out of her friendships and begins to self-harm.  She then begins seeing a therapist, which can be beneficial to people struggling with this because it shows them that they can still get help. 

Meanwhile, Georgia is navigating her new life, getting engaged to the mayor of the town named Paul, and realizing people from her past may know her secrets. Later in the show, Ginny’s dad returns and so does Austin’s dad, this causes Georgia to panic, though she tries to keep her cool. In the end, Austin ends up shooting Gil in the arm, after he leaves he tells Georgia about the mistake she is making; fans can assume that in the next seasons coming up, it will not be the last of him that we see. Georgia and Paul get married but shortly after she is arrested after police find proof that she killed one of her exes, and this leaves even more suspense for the next season.

After watching this, the show has an overall rating of 8/10, some of the positives of this show are that it jumps right into the plot. It has overall drama and mystery which keeps the audience intrigued the whole time. The characters also have a really good development, it is fun to see the way people change, they all have different problems which can make the show more relatable to people who might be dealing with some of these issues. The acting is great from all the actors, and I never once thought someone was faking or not into it. Because of this, the show was so much more interesting. However, it is almost a little too dark at times. Someone who is a younger audience and decides to watch it will be bombarded with new and scary ideas that they might not be ready to deal with. If you decide to watch this show, be prepared for all the difficult issues it deals with, but get ready to be thoroughly entertained by the plot of the show.