Gluten-Free fails


Used with Permission by sparklestroke/ Tive Design by Natalie Nolan

Everyone who has been cursed by an intolerance to gluten understands that good alternatives are hard to find.

Natalie Nolan, Staff Writer

Everyone who has been cursed by an intolerance to gluten understands that good alternatives are hard to find. While some foods are a home run, others take a swing and miss, by a lot.

  Glutino Gluten-Free Oreo rating: 5/10 

These cookies are on the dry side and always leave you thirsty even if you only eat one. The filling lacks the savory taste that regular Oreos have and leaves the consumer feeling depressed over the knock-off filling. However, after eating enough of these, the taste begins to fade and they begin to taste more like a normal Oreo. If you are looking for a wheat-free Oreo alternative, the brand Oreo (the gluten-free version) is the way to go. They taste almost identical to the regular product and even have options for more filling.

Glutino Pretzels rating: 3/10  

To sum up, these pretzels are bland. While most pretzels don’t have a lot of seasoning, these have little salt, which makes eating them similar to a bland stick. They also don’t taste like a pretzel. I understand that they are gluten-free, but they can try a little harder. For example, Snyder’s pretzels are the best you can get, and some people (who have the privilege of consuming wheat-based products) enjoy the taste of the gluten-free pretzel more than normal pretzels.

KinniKinnick Graham Crackers rating: 4.7/10

If you’re looking for a perfect graham cracker for a s’more, KinniKinnick is not the way to go. These “graham crackers,” if that’s what you want to call them, don’t even taste like the real thing. Once consumed, you are left with the urgent need for water because it will make your mouth drier than the Sahara Desert. Instead, Schӓr has some of the best gluten-free graham crackers anyone would want. I would highly recommend this brand of cracker if you are looking for this as a snack or for a s’more.

Udi’s Gluten-free Bread rating: 5.8/10

People who are gluten intolerant share the pain of finding gluten-free bread. Sometimes the bread tastes fake or is too dry. Regardless, it is a difficult task to face. Unfortunately, if you are looking for good-tasting bread, Udis is not the answer. It always crumbles and falls apart whenever you try to make a sandwich, which makes eating it a challenge. Once consumed, it sticks to the roof of your mouth making water a necessity to have with you. If you have braces, it is a bread you definitely want to avoid. Schӓr bread is the best gluten-free bread you can get. The pieces are almost the size of regular bread which means you will get more of it. It isn’t dry and doesn’t require water to wash down the bread stuck to the roof of your mouth. 

Being gluten-free is not enjoyable. We miss out on the things most people get to enjoy; however, some brands are rising above and making some of the best gluten-free foods someone with this intolerance could hope for.