Sibling dupes


Photo Used with Permission by Jack Hilgenburg

Jack (left) and Max Hilgenburg (right) the brothers dapping eachother up since they know so much about eachother.

Raina Marty, Social Media Coordinator

Everyone sees a student’s mini look alike walk the hallways of LHS, older and younger. But just because they are related and look so similar doesn’t mean they have the same interests. Sometimes siblings are not even close in a relationship. How much do these siblings know about each other and how similar and different are they? 

  1. Who is older? Do you know when their birthday is?
  2. What do you like about your sibling?
  3. What annoys you about your sibling?
  4. How often do you argue?
  5. What was the last text you sent them?
  6. What is one thing you can do that your sibling cannot do?
  7. What is your sibling’s favorite song right now? What is yours
  8. What is your siblings favorite ice cream flavor? What is your ice cream flavor?

Jack Hilgenberg, 12

  1. I’m older. Max’s birthday is June 28. 
  2. I like how we both will get a pump together at GreatLife. 
  3. He will want to use the car when I need it. He also has a later curfew than I did my sophomore year. 
  4. We don’t really argue at all unless one of us is obviously wrong. 
  5. Last text was about if my parking spot changed after lunch. 
  6. I can get buckets in basketball and he can’t. 
  7. My favorite song right now is “Levels (Radio Edit)” by Avicii and I think that’s his favorite song right now too. 
  8. His favorite ice cream is probably cookie dough and mine is mint chip.

Max Hilgenberg, 10

  1. Jack is older, his birthday is Oct. 7, 2004. 
  2. One thing I love about Jack is we have a lot of the same interests, so we can do everything together. 
  3. He doesn’t clean his car. 
  4. We never argue about anything. 
  5. “You at the whip?”
  6. Not a lot; it would probably be playing soccer. 
  7. Jack’s favorite song is “Levels” by Avicii, mine is the same. 
  8. Jack’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip and mine is cookies n cream.


Ella Kortan, 12

  1. I’m older. Her birthday is May 22, 2007.
  2. She makes me food and does anything I ask her to do.
  3. She steals my clothes.
  4. Honestly, like once a day.
  5. “Come here quick.” 
  6. The splits & braiding hair
  7. “Kill Bill, I’ll Be Waiting”
  8. Vanilla with cookie dough and mine is cookies & cream.

Adley Kortan, 10

  1. Ella is two years older, but I don’t remember her birthday. 
  2. My sister gives me a lot of advice. 
  3. My sister is rude and thinks she is perfect. 
  4. We argue almost every day. 
  5. My last text to Ella was asking her to turn her music down. 
  6. I can snowboard and ski. 
  7. Her favorite song is “TV by Billie Eilish mine is “Kill Bill” by SZA.
  8. Ella’s favorite ice cream is vanilla cookie dough and mine is the same.


Sara Mathison, 9 

  1. John is older and his birthday is Feb. 15.
  2. He is funny.
  3. When he blasts music.
  4. Once a week.
  5. My Starbucks order.
  6. Cook 
  7. No clue 
  8. Cookies and cream and mine is cookie dough

John Mathison, 12 

  1. I’m older. Her birthday is March 3.
  2. She’s smart and fun to be around.
  3. She complains a lot.
  4. Often.
  5. I asked where she was and what she was doing.
  6. Skate.
  7. I have no clue. Probably “Bust a Move” by Young MC.
  8. Cookie dough. Mine is cookie dough as well.


Rikhav Thakkar, 12 

  1. Me, His bday is May 27, mine is Sept. 25
  2.  He is outgoing
  3. He doesn’t close my door when he leaves my room
  4. Not that often, but when we argue, they are big ones
  5. Enzo
  6. Touch my toes
  7. “Woman” by Doja Cat is his favorite. Mine is “Space Song” by Beach House.
  8. He likes pistachio. I would say mango is mine.

Shaurya Thakkar, 10 

  1. Rikhav is older and his birthday is Sept. 25, 2004.
  2. I like how he always looks out for me no matter the situation.
  3. I’m looking out for me also annoys me though because he’s overprotective sometimes.
  4. We argue a lot but we get past it right away.
  5. “Are you coming or no”
  6. I like to think that I am better socially than my brother, also I get more girls. 
  7. His favorite song is probably something by J Cole. My favorite song is “Can’t Leave Without It by 21 Savage.
  8. His favorite flavor is mint chip and mine is cookie dough.