Spring into fashion


Artwork by Betsy Haft

Mixing and matching different stylish articles of clothing can make having less clothing still feel fresh.

Betsy Haft, Staff writer

It may feel as if spring will never come with the crazy amount of snow South Dakota has been getting, but hopefully, it will be here soon. As warmer temperatures roll in along with more sunshine, new clothing trends will roll in too. 

To be prepared for these new outfit ideas, get ahead of the curve and start collecting garments now. Attire is how to portray and express who you are. It also can change how you look, by wearing brighter or darker colors, different necklines, waist heights and hemlines. People tend to migrate towards lighter, softer colors and airy fabrics in the spring because it is the season of flowers, new beginnings and fresh life. However, this year the tables have turned and people are leaning towards more vibrant colors and thicker material. 

Quilt jackets and trench coats are going to be very popular this spring. They were included in many high-end fashion shows and encouraged by trusted “Vogue” writer, Laura Jackson. These jackets are warmer than the usual light rain jackets and cotton button-downs. While these jackets will be popular, they will not be seen much around high school because the majority of students do not have the money to buy a new wardrobe for spring. 

Long denim skirts and legging trousers will be popular as bottoms. Midi skirts are very stylish when looking at luxury brands and expensive outfits. Leggings are always an approved outfit choice, and for the past couple of months, bell bottom or “flare” leggings have been sought after but now it is switching back to the regular style of leggings. These pants are comfortable and they will most likely be seen in high schools since they will be cheaper than other expensive options. 

A leather jacket and bright crewnecks are staying for a while. These have been predicted for two seasons in a row now and they’re here to stay. They are pretty thick material for spring weather, but crewnecks and fake leather jackets can be pretty inexpensive. There are cheap alternatives for both articles at various stores, Zara has great fake leather and crewnecks can be found anywhere in the mall. 

This spring fashion will be bright and bolder than it has been in a long time. This is going to get people excited for summer and prepare everyone for a great season of exceptional style.