Top five most sold products, influenced by TikTok


Artwork Used with Permission by Canva/heyrabbiticons, rafiostudio, popular logos, amethystudio

Five of the most easily influenced products across America thanks to TikTok

Adie Theophilus, Staff Writer

If you were to ask any Generation Z teenager if they had the app TikTok, you would receive approximately one billion yes’. Over the past two years the social media platform has gained immense popularity in today’s society. Contributing to this success would be the influencers on TikTok. These influencers get paid thousands of dollars to promote products. As most of our generation is easily influenced, these products have no problem flying off of the shelves. Here are the top five most sold products of 2022-2023. 

#5 Acrylic bathroom shelves

For all of the organization gurus out there, this product has caught their eye. These are clear acrylic shelves that have influenced skin care people as well. These shelves can be found on Amazon and retail for $10 a shelf. People love using these not only for the practicality, but also their aesthetic look. These shelves were popular in the moment but have died down in fame, placing them at #5. 

#4 Laneige lip sleeping mask

This lip mask has a hook on our generation, it is promoted as a “hydration lip mask.” This slumber-time balm uses a combination of vitamin C and antioxidants to revive and rejuvenate dry or cracked lips. I mean, who doesn’t want hydrated lips? Statistics show that within the past month, one lip mask has been sold every three seconds. Well done TikTok. 

#3 The Dip Clip

The “Dip Clip” is a product that is calling all sauce lovers’ names. The chip clip is designed for car vents to clip their sauce holder into their air vents, for easy access to chicken nugget dipping. This product has caught the public’s eye for not only being practical, but also comical. 

#2 InstaGlow Smart Toaster

The InstaGlow smart toaster is a touch screen toaster which can toast your bread to perfection, but…for the price of $350. This toaster has gained immense popularity within the past year with the shocking reviews of 4.3 out of 5 stars. This generation is so easily influenced, the “aesthetic” look would sell this toaster in one click.

#1 Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops

Alix Earl is being considered the “it girl” on TikTok, and one of the most influential people in the past couple of months. Brands offer her thousands to promote her products on the app, as her followers purchase her products daily.The Drunk Elephant Bronzing drops are still sold out almost everywhere.

When you think of TikTok influencers, most people think of Alix Earl, Addison Rae and Charli D’amelio. These women have promoted multiple products to help promote their brand in an attempt to reach their targeted audience, and that goal has most definitely been achieved. We currently live in one of the most influential generations yet. So, next time your favorite product is sold off the shelves, you can assume it hit the TikTok platform.