What is anticipated for the LHS girls’ golf team


Photo Used with Permission by Morgan Sandness

The 2022 team after the final round of the State golf tournament.

Vanessa Timat, Feature Editor

As the LHS girls’ golf season approaches for the new year, there are many expectations and goals that have been set. After placing seventh last year at the State tournament, the team would like to do even better this year. With the talent being brought back to this team, it should be a good season for the girls.

Head coach Scott Amundson is excited about the new season. He is confident in the abilities of his team and is intrigued about the potential this year.

“We should be a pretty competitive team because we have a lot of kids coming back that have seen some varsity experience for at least the last two years and some more than that,” said Amundson.

The team consists of many girls that have played golf for multiple years and there is an advantage to that. But there is more than just physical ability when it comes to sports, especially golf. The courses are long and the weather can be unpredictable and which can put a lot of strain on an athlete’s mental state. 

“More than anything [we will be working on] the mental side of it,” said Amundson. “[We are] working on course management, trying to limit mental errors and trying to keep from making big numbers on the course.”

Amundson’s main goal this season is to get in the top five in the state. If the girls work hard, he sees there is a good chance of that happening and even exceeding their personal goals as well.

“There is a ton of ability. We have some kids that can potentially play very well and could be competitive for individual places in the state so there’s an upside to what we can do,” said Amundson.

More than anything, Amundson would like to make the game stress-free and fun. He is anxiously awaiting the season’s arrival and is excited to be a part of it.

“We’re trying to make it a good experience for everybody as coaches,” said Amundson. “Coach Halseth and my goal is to grow the game a little bit and make it enjoyable so kids want to play because it’s something you can do for a lifetime.”