Artwork by Caroline Hughes

Obviously hammocking does not look quite like this is Sioux Falls because we do not have palm trees but this drawing gives readers an idea of what hammocking is.

Caroline Hughes, Staff Writer

Hammocking is one of those simple pleasures in life that brings effortless joy and relaxation. Hammocking offers an escape from everyday responsibilities. It is a chance to pause, slow down and just be in the moment. 

There is something truly magical about finding the perfect spot, setting up your hammock and then falling into it. The sounds of nature and the view around you give off refreshing summer vibes. It is a time to unwind, recharge and reconnect with your friends without stress. It is a chance to create memories and bond with those who matter most to you. Hammocking reminds us to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature and savor the simple joys of life. That said, finding the perfect spot can be difficult. There are places in Sioux Falls that can create this experience for people listed below. 

  1. Good Earth State Park – This park is not only a good place to hammock but a great environment to walk your dog, take a hike and enjoy time with friends. The scenery is beautiful, especially when the sun is setting. The park consists of trails in and out of the trees making finding a good hammock spot incredibly easy. There is no need to be right off the trails if you do not want people to intrude on your alone time with your friends. Taking a hike to find that perfect set up spot is always worth the energy. 
  1. Tuthill – Keeping the idea of trails going, Tuthill Park is another location that commonly attracts hammocking. This place is a little more convenient if you have a limited amount of time. It is closer to everything than Good Earth State Park. Seeing other people, you know, is quite common at Tuthill so you will get your social battery up and running. If you get bored hammocking there are other activities to do that include: Frisbee golf, the swings, the playground and there is even a shelter where you could have a little lunch break. 
  1. McKennan Park – This spot is more out in the open. If you enjoy people watching this is the place for you. The park is about a block or two big and is much smaller than the other two locations but just as fun and relaxing. There are spots to hammock right off the main road, and if you do not want to be so close to traffic, there are spots away from it too. McKennan Park also has a pool, some tennis courts, a garden and a place to watch theater/plays (but only on some nights).