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Photo used with permission by Stable Diffusion v2.5 via Gabe Schmit

Bipartisan outrage has erupted as another breach could potentially lose the American upper advantage in the Ukrainian war.

Gabe Schmit, Staff Writer

In a considerably ridiculous turn of events involving a Discord server, classified documents and “drip,” over 300 classified documents have been leaked to the public.

Jack Teixeira, infamously known by the alias “Jack the Dripper” was arrested over multiple counts under the Espionage Act by posting leaked documents on the online public chat room service Discord. The 21-year-old, a national guardsman and airman first class, first began his service in 2019, stationed at the Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts as a “cyber transport systems journeyman,” which gave him exposure to classified information and documents. Early damage assessments consider this “the most serious security breach” since the WikiLeaks breach in 2010, which saw the leakage of over 700,000 government documents.

Teixeira reportedly printed out and took material with him when leaving, sharing multiple classified documents with a closely-knit group of gamer friends online, which escalated when these documents were further reposted and shared, making their way to other platforms. The contents of the documents themselves are unknown, but it is rumored to contain vulnerability assessments on ally parties, including weaknesses in Ukraine’s defenses, which paints a bad picture for the U.S. and opens an opportunity for Russia to use it. It is unsure  when the leakage first started (estimated to be around Dec. of 2022), but most of the leaked information can be traced back to Teixeira’s online Discord chat server. The issue was first brought to the attention of the FBI after it reached Twitter, circulating online amid the attempts to order takedowns. 

Following the FBI’s involvement, a warrant was issued for Teixeira’s Discord account, of which information regarding it was provided, which included attached billing information and his home address in Massachusetts. On April 13, he was taken into custody and awaits trial without a chance of bail. Some have speculated Teixeira was seeking attention, but his real motive for leaking the documents is truly unknown.