How to travel alone as a teenager


Betsy Haft

Traveling alone as an unaccompanied minor has the possibility of being stress-free and easy.

Betsy Haft, Staff writer

Traveling alone as a teenager may seem big and scary, but it does not need to be. Traveling alone is something almost everyone will have to do eventually and many travel companies make learning as an adolescent an easy process. There are also group trip opportunities where one can travel with a group of teenagers together. Phone apps that make traveling easier are also easily accessible and easy to download and use. 

On American Airlines an extra fee applies to people under the age of 15, but it gives them access to an airport escort, kids-only lounges in the airports and early boarding. Ages 15 through 18 can do this if they want, or they can just fly like any other adult and not have all the extra bells and whistles. On Delta there is an almost identical policy; however, for Delta, children under the age of seven cannot have connecting flights, there should be just one nonstop flight. But teenagers again have the option of flying as a standard passenger instead of a minor. For United Airlines it is the exact same policy as American Airlines, and these rules and guidelines stay constant throughout most airlines. This means as a teenager, when traveling there is a choice to pay a $150 fee to get special treatment when traveling alone, or to travel as an adult passenger. 

Some apps that you can download to make travel easier are “XE currency,” “Mtrip” and “Around me.” These apps can give useful information on the currency change, show where the nearest free Wi-Fi is, work as a map even without service and show where ATMs or restaurants are. These apps can make being somewhere new easier, and when traveling, download the app of the airline your flight is on to know which gate to go to and track when your flight is.

Being able to travel alone comes down to the ability to be mature, patient and responsible. Traveling alone as a minor can get difficult if a flight gets delayed or canceled. If that happens, responsibility determines how the situation will be handled. Traveling for the most part is stress free and easy and as a teenager. Learning all of the customs of traveling will make it easier as an adult.