Not so “real” siblings



My sister and I on two of our many different adventures together, Taylor Swift concert and small town rodeo.

Adeline Theophilus, Staff Writer

The dictionary definition of half siblings  is “a person’s brother or sister who has one parent in common.” In my case, I’m fortunate to have two half siblings. Both from the same dad, different moms. 

When I try to explain my family situation to people, I eventually just give up and sum it up saying I have five siblings. But in reality, all my siblings are on my dad’s side with two step siblings, two half and one “whole.”

One of my least favorite comments to hear about half siblings is, “so they’re not your real siblings.” Technically speaking, no. But, I consider them to be, and love them both as much as I would a “whole” sibling. Therefore, here is an ode to one of my “half” siblings, Anna. 

Dear Anna D. Theophilus, when I start to reflect on my high school years, I begin to think of you. Although you graduated high school many years ago, you’ve been the person who has given me the best advice through it all. You were six years old when I came into this world, and we’ve been inseparable since. 

When my sister went off to college in Arizona, it was not an easy four years. Phone calls, facetimes and text messages never filled the burden of her being gone. Every now and then she would book a plane ticket back to surprise me out of nowhere, and those were always the best times. My sister has always been someone I can look up to. She is very wise, and will almost always advise me when something is a bad idea. Although we have equally had our share of rough moments, Anna will always be one of the few people I will pour my heart out to. 

Siblings are people you are sort of forced to get along with. Anna and I never fight, but that’s not counting the numerous times I’ve stolen her clothes. Siblings are also people that you feel comfortable being around, someone you can lean on and most importantly, they are the people who never fail to make you laugh. Growing up, and being a high school girl is never easy. Anna has been down that path, and knows exactly what to do in difficult situations. Her best advice is to always be the bigger person, no matter how difficult that can be. It’s always worth it to be kind to someone. 

If anyone has ever been fortunate enough to meet Anna, they would know she’s kind, smart, funny and overall an incredible human being. But, she’s an even better sister. Between me taking my first steps, to losing loved ones, to being her designated driver on the weekends, she has stuck with me through it all.

Anna, I will forever be inspired by your fierce determination in life, awful dancing skills and kind heart. 

Love you always, your little sister, Adie.