The Statesman’s summer picks


Photo by Public Domain

Cassettes- our playlists of the past. Prior to scanning QR codes and AirDropping songs, a dual-sided cassette was the storage medium of many music enthusiasts.

Gabe Schmit, Staff Writer

Music is an essential part of anybody’s summer vacation; may this be on the road, in the house, at a party or the other limitless possibilities of where you can bring your speaker. Although, over the years, we have evolved from 8-tracks to cassette tapes to disks to the era of digital, many similarities remain the same between generations: A good playlist with a good name to match. To find out what an LHS Patriot might be listening to this summer, our analysts have surveyed and compiled only the best and greatest material your ears can enjoy, placed before you at your viewing pleasure. So, sit back, relax and play the tunes…

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