Where LHS is traveling this year


Used with permission by Canva and Billion Photos

The pins are all the states and countries some of LHS is traveling to this summer.

Bergen Quello, Entertainment Editor

It is nearing the final weeks of the 2022-2023 school year and students have started to plan what they will do during their summer break. A couple of months off gives the freedom for families to travel for fun, to see family or for a necessity. From crossing state lines to crossing oceans, LHS students will be traveling worldwide. Here is a look into what some of the students’ future summer plans entail.

Anna Leuning is headed to Iceland and Minnesota with her family.
Rachel Bruggeman is going to have a busy summer going to Spain, Portugal and France.
Milena Vercellino is also headed to France but specifically Paris.
Topher Post will be making a stop at many different countries, as he is going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.
Zachary Wrightsman, Sam Helgerson and TJ Simko are going on a group trip to Utah where they will be rock climbing.
Nyapal Chuol, Emma Forster and Jada Sandvall are a group of seniors who are traveling to Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois.
Zoe Larson will be taking a drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a summer get away.
Chloe Reeves might not be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for very long this summer as she is going to Paris, France; Moab, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dillon Glover will be traveling to the Big Apple, also known as New York City, New York.
Charlotte Hultgren is going to New York City, New York to take dance classes with a dance scholarship she was able to receive this past year.
Kayleigh Thooft will be headed down south to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to visit the happiest place on earth.
Daniel Valentine and classmate Erin Zimmer are crossing state lines over to Minnesota to go to Minneapolis.
Keegan McCroskey is going to the opposite side of the state this summer to Rapid City, South Dakota.
Diana Beki-Oromo is ready for some summer lake days as she is driving to Okoboji, Iowa this summer.
Miles Lechtenberg is staying in the state but driving west over to the Black Hills, in South Dakota.

While these are only a few of the many LHS students’ plans for break, LHS will be seeing new cultures, communities and experiences this summer. It is important to expand your knowledge, get out of your comfort zone and try new things and traveling is another way of doing that. Hopefully everyone can have an exciting, unique and enjoyable summer no matter where they go.