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A call on football: Sophomore update

Freshman football team dumps water on coach after their undefeated season.

Freshman football team dumps water on coach after their undefeated season.

Mitchal Eichacker

Mitchal Eichacker

Freshman football team dumps water on coach after their undefeated season.

Taylor Ericson, Staff Writer

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Last year, the LHS freshman football team achieved an undefeated season, impressing coaches and students all around them. When it comes to this year, the sophomore’s are focusing more on building chemistry as a team, as well as stepping into the spots that are opened up by the upperclassmen.

The sophomore athletes have faced some adversity so far this season when it comes to experience and injuries, but they are not going to let that stop them from enjoying their time.

¨It is very challenging to lose, obviously. But it has also been challenging because we’ve been spelled with injuries to lots of key starters so that is tough,¨ said sophomore football player, Mitchal Eichacker. ¨This means that sophomores have to step up into those roles, and having a lack of experience in certain positions is challenging.¨

There are key aspects that help a team achieve a successful season. The sophomores are trying to administer their strategies from last year into this years season.

¨Having great chemistry last year was a big help. Only playing against freshmen made the playing field a little more even, everyone had the same experience level,¨ said Eichacker. ¨Now with the intermixing of grades, you have more experienced players playing against some who aren’t, everyone has to just contribute their full effort.¨

Field goals are not the only goals that these sophomores are aiming for, they have set some pretty high standards for their upcoming years as LHS football players as well.

¨Our goal for this season is to stop making little mistakes and execute our stuff. If we execute everything right it is going to work and we are going to start winning,¨ said Eichacker. ¨The big goal is the win a state championship.¨

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