Road to Nike


Chloe Harbaugh

Girls XC team

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

One may think the cross country season is over, but there still is more to come this 2017 fall season.

“I love Nike; you get to run against the best, with the best,” said freshman, Chloe Harbaugh. “There are a lot of teams that run Nike that are excellent runners. It’s a time for us to show everyone what you are made of and how hard you have worked all season long; it shows how badly you want it. I also love Nike because we all are working together to reach the same goal and no matter the outcome we have a team to either celebrate with or to lean on.”

On Nov. 12, 2017, true Crazies can go support the LHS cross country runners as they prove to each and everyone what they are made of. Through this past season, there has been sweat and tears put into their work, and the Nike meet is coming up, and this is the one last time where they get the opportunity to prove it.

“For me Nike means running for the ones who you love and care about and to use the talent that God has given you,” said Harbaugh. “Also, to not take anything for granted. This year, we had such an amazing team and we may never have a chance like this again.”

They are going into Nike with a positive attitudes hoping for the best, but willing to work for it.

“This race will impact us physically and emotionally, but mostly emotionally,” said Harbaugh. “Depending on how we do, this race will either impact us in a positive way or a not-so-positive way. Either way, no matter the outcome, we will work harder so that we are able to do even better next year and go individually and as a team.”