‘Black Mirror’ and its dark reflection of society

Black Mirror received a Prime-time Emmy for Outstanding Television Show and Outstanding Writing.

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“Black Mirror” received a Prime-time Emmy for Outstanding Television Show and Outstanding Writing.

Mara Fendrich, Journalism Student

    Technology can be a real killer. No one knows that better than the people behind “Black Mirror.”

    Unlike most shows, there is not a continuous plot in “Black Mirror.” Every episode follows a completely different storyline than the ones before it, but they all have one common theme: technology. “Black Mirror” aims to show how technology has gone too far and beyond proves the point with its terrifying dystopian futures.

    Whether the viewer is a lover of gore or can hardly stand to sit through a horror movie, “Black Mirror” has at least one episode for everyone. Some episodes like “Hang the DJ” are easy to breeze through, centered around a compelling love story in a world that sets two lovers apart. Others, like “Black Museum,” will make the viewer squirm with stories of serial killers and futuristic torture devices.

    The premise is not the only astounding aspect of this Sci-Fi psychological thriller. The message behind these exaggerated scenarios is that the world and society need to rethink their use of technology and where it might be headed. “The Entire History of You,” tells the story of a future society where everyone has a chip implanted in their head, storing all their memories like an iPhone. The main character in the story worries that his wife may have cheated on him, forcing her to show him where she was at the time he theorized she was with another man. “White Christmas” includes a piece of technology that allows people to block people much like on social media. The only catch is that instead of the block occurring over a screen, the blocked persons’  face and voice are blurred, almost like a restraining order, except blocking can occur at the drop of a hat.

    Even more terrifying than the possibilities of the future for technology are the episodes that could very well occur in the present day. “Shut up and Dance” follows a boy in his late teens blackmailed into working for a mysterious group after his computer is hacked. This concept is not outlandish; in fact, it would be close-minded to think a situation like this has not occurred at some point in the past few years since it has been revealed that the government, as well as hackers, are able to hack into anybody’s computer or phone screen. `

    “Black Mirror” is a phenomenal show that makes people question their faith in technology, and rightfully so. When you watch episode after episode on Netflix on your electronic device, think about if the world controls technology or if it controls the world.