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I miss the snow

Katie Osmundson, Staff Writer

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To be honest, waking up to sunny 60 degree temperatures this weekend was very upsetting. Has Mother Nature ever heard of consistency? Just as I was getting used to the all the wonderful things that winter has to offer, she went and made the weather normal, taking all of the joy out of my life.

I miss waking up every morning and having to shovel my car out in order to drive to school and make the long trek from the A-wing parking lot to the admin doors.

I miss slipping on ice and almost being hit by cars in the Hy-Vee parking lot.

“It is exhilarating watching cars almost rear end each other on the icy roads,” said junior Lexi Barbush.

I miss risking my life by almost being impaled by icicles as I leave for open lunch.

I miss using my favorite South Dakotan skill of being able to drive without seeing through my windshield.

“I miss the snow seeping into my shoes,” said junior Josephine Dahl.

I miss the snow.

Many people may think that I am absolutely crazy for loving the snow, and yes, that may be true, but the most important virtue that snow gives us is optimism.

“Oh, yippee, another snow plow bill for the driveway!” said LHS Latin teacher Lynn Thomason, embodying a true South Dakotan and embracing the benefits of snow.

Award-winning scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy has made connections between the early spring snowstorms and the theory of the survival of the fittest.

“It is astounding to see scientific theories in action,” said Nye. “South Dakotans are hands down the peak of the evolutionary spectrum. Their adaptation to freezing temperatures and unsafe weather conditions will be the salvation of the human race when our Earth enters into another ice age.”

Before you complain about the snow, think about the benefit it has on the future of our planet. You (yes I’m talking to you, random kid who hangs out underneath the staircase in E-wing) have the opportunity to be the pinnacle of the ideal human. Wouldn’t that make your mom proud?

Snow is how Mother Nature shows us her love. Take that, global warming! I will never stop loving the snow.

Katie Osmundson, Staff Writer

Katie Osmundson is a junior and a first-year staff member for the Statesman. Katie is most likely to be found in the debate room as a majority of her time is devoted to Speech and Debate. In her limited free time, Katie enjoys planning the liberation of penguins from the Great Plains Zoo. Her biggest fear is being swept.

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