Is ‘Riverdale’ a River-fail?


The CW

“Riverdale” has an 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it started in 2017.

Mara Fendrich, Staff Writer

From angsty teen romance to human sacrifices, ‘Riverdale’ truly has it all.

Since the third season’s premiere on October 10, viewers have been thrown for a loop as cults have joined the melting pot of madness.

With the satanic theme overtaking, season three has caused a shock to the fans, though major plot holes and disturbing storylines are not a new occurrence within the show.

Since the series first aired in 2017, “Riverdale” has been known for its stunning visuals, epic monologues and abundance of musical numbers. The combination of blaring pop songs and feminist speeches may be attractive to the show’s teen audience, but at times, their only purpose is to distract from the nonsensical storylines.

The problem began when characters’ struggles with their parents’ wrongdoings evolved into surface level plots meant for the aesthetic. A man with shady business tactics became a cartoonish mobster luring his daughter and her boyfriend into his mafioso ways; the town’s Southside gang became an extracurricular anyone could join through performing a pole dance. Keep in mind that the main characters are supposedly 16. Alongside their parents, the teenagers frequently commit heinous acts, from destroying reputations to burying bodies. Oddly enough, their acts are not portrayed as heinous at all by the writers.

Beyond the illegal activities that the characters actively participate in, the show often portrays horrifying love affairs as romantic. Acts of incest take place more than once within the show, but the weight of the issue is brushed off as only slightly odd.

“Riverdale” also showcases a sexual predator, a teacher who has an affair with multiple underage boys. Despite the show’s unflinching approach to these topics, the portrayal of LGBT issues feels haphazard. The token gay character is grossly underdeveloped, as stereotypes are written in where personality traits should be.

In spite of all the problems “Riverdale” contains within its episodes, the series is clearly doing well with its popularity on Netflix and the CW. Millions have and will continue to watch the show weekly, no matter what plot holes and cringe-worthy moments come along with it.