It’s raining Ramen, and it’s yummy


Photo by Cathleen Weng

Gyoza, Kimchi Ramen and Char Siu Ramen from Ramen Fuji.

Cathleen Weng, News Editor

Located at 2300 S Minnesota Ave., Ramen Fuji’s opening was met with much anticipation from Sioux Falls.

Ramen Fuji, which opened recently in October, was the brainchild of Leon Tang, following his trip to Japan. He realized that there were no ramen restaurants in Sioux Falls and decided that he wanted to open one. Though the menu is centrally focused on ramen, offering 15 different toppings, it also offers a variety of other Japanese meals and appetizers.

Walking in, the calm and casual atmosphere and the colorful decorations immediately drew my attention. Even during the dinner rush, the restaurant was not so loud that it took from my enjoyment of the meal. Though we had to wait and catch the attention of the hostess rather than being welcomed right away, there were a number of empty tables and we were seated quickly.

The waiter was friendly and the menus were easy to read. I decided to try an appetizer, as well as some signature ramen, so I ordered gyoza and char siu ramen. After ordering, the food didn’t take long to arrive, and I would say that it was worth the wait. However, I do have to deduct points for the fact that they forgot one of my appetizers and I had to mention it to them when I received the check.

The gyoza was delicious and tasted authentic, but appearance-wise, the ramen stole the show, packed full of color and texture.

The noodles were definitely the star of the meal, crafted to near-perfection with maximum flavor. Though a little too salty for my taste, the broth was well-textured and not at all watery. The green onions added a unique flavor profile that I appreciated. The meat seemed undercooked, but that was easily overshadowed by the rest of the meal.

The portions were large enough that I was unable to finish a bowl, which made it worth the reasonable $10 price. Although instant ramen certainly is cheaper and provides a similar taste, I would argue that Ramen Fuji is a nice, casual dining alternative for someone who wants variety, and a restaurant that I would recommend to a friend.