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Cathleen Weng

Cathleen Weng, Editor-in-Chief

Cathleen Weng is a senior at LHS. As a third-year staff member of the Statesman, she has served in such roles as News Editor and one of four Co-Editor-in-Chiefs, specifically for the website and online stories. When not writing stories, Weng might be found attempting to tackle books above her reading comprehension (for the academic cred) or wishing that Netflix had not cancelled Emmy-nominated TV show American Vandal

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Central Region Vice President Dalton Green (pictured 3rd from right) was also in attendance at the South Dakota State Conference. 
Pictured left to right: Avery Dooley, Haroni Sahilu, Genna Sheriff, Dalton Green, Teranysha Sutton, Abbie DeKramer.

DECA takes on Nashville

February 29, 2020
Senior Kat Steffen and freshman Mary Steffen rake the lawn of a Sioux Falls citizen.

LHS DECA Rakes the Town

October 30, 2019
Our negative perceptions of the government have lowered our standards for politicians.

A culture of cynicism

September 12, 2019
The Keystone XL would start in Canada and run through South Dakota to Montana.

Keystone XL is X’ed out

November 16, 2018
One Tank of Gas

One Tank of Gas

October 1, 2018
Travel ban 3.0

Travel ban 3.0

October 18, 2017
September TV show lineup

September TV show lineup

September 19, 2017
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