JROTC and the theater raise money through Easter entertainment


Provided by Megan Anderson-Finch

Theater department volunteers pose with the Easter Bunny. Left to right: Lewhat Tesfaldet, Court Anderson, Abbigale Hellevang, Margaret Meierhenry, Danielle Koang, Timothy Stolp, Suzanne Fitterer, Leah Berdahl, Savannah Chhen and Ramsey Folkerts.

Cathleen Weng, Editor-in-Chief

Easter is right around the corner, which means that it is time for LHS students to get into the holiday spirit. Last weekend, some members of JROTC and the LHS theater department achieved this by performing and filling eggs for an Easter event in the SD National Guard Armory.

On Sunday, April 7, military families gathered at the Armory for an Easter Egg hunt, among other Easter activities. Seeking entertainment, they turned to the LHS theater department to perform three songs and build up excitement for the LHS Spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast.” Despite subpar acoustics and other minor obstacles, the present LHS students came together and put their best foot forward.

“[My favorite part was] watching the musical kids go pose for pictures and interact with the little kids,” said LHS teacher Meghan Anderson-Finch, whose connection to the Armory, in large part, led to LHS students being invited to perform. “And, I also enjoyed just seeing the kids come together. We didn’t have the exact right perfect music for them to perform… but they just smiled and went on and persevered.”

In addition to members of the theater department, several students involved in JROTC were more than happy to help with various tasks around the armory for most of the afternoon, from being the Easter Bunny to setting up the egg hunt.

“We had one cadet dressed up as the Easter Bunny,” said junior Harley Robinson. “We had different cadets doing cakewalk, ring toss, coloring and then myself and another lieutenant also did the eggs. We sprawled them out, and we did an egg scramble.”

In return for their help, the military donated some money to both the theater department and the JROTC. The theater department received $200, which they plan to use on the production of the musical. The JROTC received $100, which could go to a variety of different events within JROTC, such as their summer trip.

“It was a completely volunteer basis,” said Anderson-Finch. “…so the kids that went were just purely volunteering their time to make a good connection, to make a good name for Lincoln in the community.”