Savior of the sea and land “Aquaman”


Photo provided by Gage Skidmore // CC BY-SA 2.0

Aquaman was full of plot twists, action and adventure a must see movie for sure

Johana Brower, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This story does contain spoilers!

The superhero movie “Aquaman” came out on Dec. 21, 2018, and was a big hit in the box office. The movie made $751 million worldwide on its release date, making it the seventh highest grossing film of 2018. The movie starred Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master) and Nicole Kidman (Queen Atlanta).

“Aquaman” is a solo branch off from the movie “Justice League” which foreshadowed the appearance of Aquaman in the small blooper at the end of the movie. This movie was made to show viewers Aquaman’s origin story and how he ended up as King of Atlantis Ruler of the Sea and Land. Momoa has been featured in countless movies and TV shows like “Justice League,” “Batman vs Superman,” “Game of Thrones,” “Brave,” “The Bad Batch,” “Road to Paloma,” “DeBug” and countless others.

Momoa started a career by being discovered by Taeko Kobayashi, a famous fashion designer who wanted Momoa to model for his company. He won Hawaii’s model of the year in 1999 and walked the runway for Luis Vuitton at the Governor’s Fashion show. After the show, he turned his sights on acting; his first major role was in “Baywatch Hawaii” which aired for a couple of seasons and then ended. Momoa made his big debut as Aquaman in the movie “Batman vs Superman” and that started his role as the hero Aquaman. Co-star Amber Heard has been acting since 2005 when she starred in “North Country,” which was an Academy Award-winning movie. She has starred in many films over the years and many have been nominated for multiple awards. Heard got married to Johnny Depp in 2015, then recently got divorced in 2017. She is an active member of the Los Angeles community and is a model, actor and film-producer all while being a mother.

I personally loved “Aquaman” and Jason Momoa who played his role so well in the movie. His origin story in the movie was really inspiring as to how it is OK to be different because maybe you will turn out to be King of Atlantis. In my opinion, the movie was just a tad too long at 2 hours and 22 minutes, and the plot was a little predictable but overall I loved the movie. The soundtrack was a bit lacking in the music department, and I would have loved to have some better songs that suited the characters better, but there is always the next movie which will for sure be better than the last.

In every Marvel and DC movie, they have the signature blooper at the end of the movie which everyone sits in the theater for an extra five minutes to see. In “Aquaman,” the villain Black Manta was presumed dead, but we are later shown him laying on a medical bed on a rocking ship with a researcher who wants to know all about the hidden city and people of Atlantis.

If you love superheroes, action and plot-twists, I recommend seeing “Aquaman” in theaters.