Student receives juvenile detention for talking about AP test

Caleb Miller, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This story is purely for satirical purposes. None of the events described are true and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

On Wednesday, May 15, LHS sophomore Max Peterson was taken into the Minnehaha County Juvenile Center with a serious charge: talking about the AP test.

Peterson was overheard talking about his AP Biology test to a friend on Tuesday. He was seen walking down E-Wing from his fifth-period class and jokingly talked about how hard one of his free response questions had been.

“He said that one of the FRQ’s was really hard and that he was pretty sure that he flunked it,” said sophomore Trevor Paulson, who was at the scene of the crime. “I laughed back, but then he started talking about what it was about. I had never asked and would never do such a thing, but he just kept on going. I told him that he was gonna get in huge trouble and that it could ruin his future, but after it had become clear that there was no point of return, I ran out of the building to avoid confrontation.”

Administrators thankfully took instant action to make sure that Peterson could not reveal any more information about the exam. Within minutes Peterson was being escorted from the school by the Sioux Falls Police Department.

“We must again assure students that communicating any information about the AP exam is strictly forbidden,” said the SFPD in a statement put out on Wednesday. “The College Board has made it very clear that such discussion is not allowed under any circumstances and that exam information security will be upheld at all costs.”

We are not yet clear on how long Peterson will be held or whether or not his consequences will be made worse due to how severe the situation gets. For now, Peterson is sentenced to five years in juvenile detention and a $5,000 fine. The College Board commented on the incident last night on Twitter.

“We are blown away by what has happened in Sioux Falls after a sophomore decided to carelessly reveal information about an AP Biology exam,” said the College Board. “We assure parents that students are given clear instructions that this type of reckless behavior is prohibited and that measures will be taken to prevent further situations.”

For now, Peterson will simply have to wait as authorities make decisions on further consequences. Other students will be on watch to make sure that this type of conduct will be eradicated. LHS again asks all students to not disclose information about AP exams and that anyone who does will have their scores canceled in addition to further consequences.