Was that “IT”?

Charley Lockwood-Powell, Staff Writer

When one thinks of scary movies, they probably think of their most recent scare. The first in my mind right now is “IT Chapter Two.”

When seeing this movie in the theater, I had trouble remembering what had happened in “IT Chapter One” (the remake) that came out in 2017. I remember the first “IT” to be really scary and overall heart-stopping action, and I would say the same thing about “IT Chapter Two”.

The “IT Chapter One” movies are about seven pre-teens who are trying to take down a clown named Pennywise, in their small town of Derry, Maine. Richie is the main comedy guy in the friend group, always cracking jokes and making a fool out of himself. Ben is the new guy in town and is trying to fit in.

“IT Chapter One” and “IT Chapter Two” were similar in many ways, including the same characters just 27 years later. The first “IT” movie was a lot scarier than the second “IT”. The first “IT” was really exhilarating and kept you on your toes. In “IT Chapter Two” there was a more serious tone than in the first installment We saw more kids in Chapter One messing around. 

 In “IT Chapter Two” you feel more of a serious tone. They put in more real-world problems with the beginning showing two gay men being tormented for their sexuality. The characters acted the same way in Chapter Two as they did in Chapter One. 

Overall, the two movies were very similar but also had some differences. Both were filled with non-stop action. However, while the first chapter had a huge amount of comedy, in the second there was only minimal. The two movies were both scary and funny. I recommend seeing them both, but only if you’re up for really scary movies.