Who is Murphy?


Photo Provided by Murphy

The LHS booster club purchased a new Murphy costume this year.

Genna Sheriff, Editor-in-Chief

Each year everyone takes their fair share of guesses at who is under the Murphy suit. With the new costume this year, curiosity has been piqued. But Murphy is not just about the individual putting on the facade: It is about the spirit behind him and the legacy many others have left behind.

“[Being Murphy] means being the face of LHS,” said this year’s Murphy, anonymously. “It means that every action he does should be important. You have to stay positive and show the very best of Lincoln.”

Whether it be through their actions and cheers or through their presence at LHS, each person putting on the suit adds their own spin to who Murphy is. 

“I want to bring a new element to Murphy and really bring him to life this year by being at more than just the football and basketball games,” said Murphy. “I’m going to try to bring as much energy as possible, but it’s hard because it’s hot in that suit.”

Stepping into the Murphy suit is no small job. It takes a lot of guts to embrace the role and hype the crowd up. The minute they step into the suit, they have to take on the responsibility and mentality that comes with being Murphy. But with that responsibility also comes with the fun and excitement of being the person that hypes the crowd up.

“My favorite part about being Murphy is the adrenaline rush I get once I go out into the crowd and get everyone pumped up,” said Murphy.

Instead of spending time guessing who the new Murphy is, embrace his spirit and get involved. Attend sporting events, join clubs and support your fellow Patriots.