A paws up for Sunny’s Pizzeria



Sunny’s Pizzeria is a newly opened restaurant, selling thin-crust pizza.

Anna Engels, Staff Writer

Recently opened, Sunny’s Pizzeria exceeded expectations during its transition from post-laundromat to modern pizza joint. With a welcoming environment and outstanding food, Sunny’s Pizzeria is a must-have whenever you are craving pizza. 

When first walking in, you cannot help but notice the numerous pictures of the owner’s dog, Sunny, while the scent of freshly baked pizza instantly fills your nose. The rustic, yet modern layout adds a sense of welcomeness and warmth to the atmosphere. Along with the exquisite service, Sunny’s Pizzeria did not have a crumb on a table or a chair out of place. If you are lucky, you may even run into Sunny the dog wandering the restaurant. 

You may have tough choices when picking what to order. Sunny’s Pizzeria first has the “Jowl-Dropper of the Month,” which includes a unique pizza of that particular month that is usually not offered. This month’s “Jowl-Dropper of the Month” stars “Kevin’s Famous Chili Pizza,” a spinoff from a character of “The Office.” They also have many “Sunny’s Favs,” which consist of elaborate pizzas. These include “Tony Montana,” “City Slicker” and many more. These pizzas have a range of $12- $13 for a medium, and $14-$15 for a large. If you still cannot find a pizza calling your name, you can always make your own and include any cheese, provided by Stensland’s, and any topping. For the build your own pizza, prices will vary due to preferences. 

Although Sunny’s Pizzeria excels in most areas of criteria, there are a few downsides. For those that are not a fan of thin-crust pizza, this pizzeria may not be for you, as they only offer thin-crust. Parking is also limited because this restaurant is near a neighborhood and the USF college campus. With two parking spots in the front, about five in the back and any availability on the street, when this pizzeria becomes popular, this may cause a problem. Along with restricted parking, Sunny’s Pizzeria is only dine-in or carry out. Despite the fact that they do not deliver, the anxious drive to the pizzeria is worth the wait. 

These minor inconveniences are small prices to pay for the excellent service and pizza Sunny’s Pizzeria provides at an affordable price. Sunny’s is a family-friendly restaurant that has open arms for every person. Dogs are welcome, so go on in and feed yourself and your canine some “jowl-dropping” pizza.