Bachelor update: Pilot Pete’s final three



Peter and Madison’s fun date of adventure turns emotional in the evening.

Taylor Schmitz, Staff Writer

Bachelor fans across the nation are becoming more eager as the ABC hit reality TV show reaches its final stages. After eight long weeks of anticipation, Peter Weber’s fiance is only a couple of episodes away from being revealed.

This season began with 30 girls striving for the heart of season 23 contestant, Peter, a.k.a. Pilot Pete. From champagne fiascos to romantic one-on-one dates, only four out of the 30 girls were able to rise from the drama and make it to week eight’s hometown dates. Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewitt, Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss got the chance to bring Peter to their hometowns to give him a sense of where they grew up. At the end of the evening, Peter was introduced to each of their families.

Hometown dates generally lack the drama other episodes tend to bring to the screen; however, the tension built during this episode did not disappoint in that department. During Victoria’s date, the two enjoyed a day of laughter and a Hunter Hayes concert, but shortly after, Peter was approached by a girl acquainted with Victoria. She warned him about Victoria’s past actions and drama-filled reputation. Concerned, Peter brought up the conversation with Victoria in the evening just when he was about to meet her family. The two have a fight and Victoria had yet another breakdown, making Peter rethink his decision of keeping her in the running to be his wife. In the end, Peter left without meeting Victoria’s loved ones. Despite their fight, at the next rose ceremony, Victoria was given a rose, sending Kelsey home.

Fast forward to week nine and the final three travel to Gold Coast, Australia. Each of the girls enjoy fun and romantic one-on-one dates during the day and have serious conversations about their future with Peter in the evening. Peter’s time with Hannah Ann went without a hitch as they spent the day jet skiing. On Victoria’s date, the two moved past the previous week’s rough patch and renewed their emotional connection.

Although these dates went smoothly, the date between Peter and Madison had ups and downs. During the day the two climbed Skypoint, Australia’s tallest external building climb. Once they were at the top, Madison finally realized how real her feelings were for Peter. The two then went into the evening portion of the date and discussed Madison’s morals, values and standards for their relationship that she had touched on after the previous rose ceremony. When she found out that Peter had been intimate with at least one of the other contestants, she excused herself. Heartbroken, Peter went after her as he apologized for hurting her. Madison once again walked away crying, but is she leaving the show for good? Devoted viewers will have to tune in for next week’s episode to find out.