How to find ‘Success’ in Girls State Government


Heath Hughes/Unsplash

Mount Rushmore National Memorial has been a symbolic statue for the American society. LHS senior, Success Suehne, had the privilege of representing South Dakota (home of Mt. Rushmore), as the Girls State Governor.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

LHS senior, Success Suehne, is no stranger to leadership positions, but this past summer she was able to reach a new level of achievement through her experience at Girls State Government. With this, Suehne hopes to provide advice and information as the application process begins for juniors. 

“Honestly, you never know what could happen or how it could change you. When I first applied for Girls State, I was not expecting to become the Governor, but overall I genuinely cherished this opportunity,” said Suehne. 

Suehne found a passion for government through this process and encourages all eligible candidates to apply. A week of summer may seem like a hefty sacrifice, but she believes it is time well spent. 

“I would be elated if our Lincoln girls would give this a shot! State Government can provide attendees with vast amounts of opportunities. Overall, it allows you to embrace your specific knowledge and abilities,” said Suehne. 

Girls State Government presents high school teens with the chance to meet accomplished leaders/mentors, boost their extracurricular activities and find a real passion for all career paths. 

“I was able to meet Dusty Johnson and John Thune; it was remarkable seeing the different leadership styles and how these affected the way our politicians support particular ideologies and bills,” said Suehne. 

After returning to school this fall, Suehne´s summer government involvement allowed her to blossom in many extracurricular activities. She is now the Vice President of Young Progressives Club and is looking forward to taking another administration position at Girls State in the summer of 2020. Suehne has the privilege of attending another year of this event and welcoming the new members into the program. 

“I highly recommend putting yourself out there. Take the time to meet new people and invest in the program; it benefits you in the long-run,” said Suehne.  

Although there is a limited number of spots, LHS has always had a great representation at Girls State Government. This is the perfect opportunity for students who strive to enhance their education. The annual program will take place from June 1 through June 6 in Vermillion, South Dakota. More information can be made available on the American Legion Auxiliary website or through your school counselor.