The life of an artist

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

Fame can change you. I am proud to confirm that the glitz and glam of Hollywood and human instinct to fall to the hierarchy of the prestige has not and will not affect me. I am grounded.

You may have seen my face on the billboards, in the newspaper or on the news due to my painting that I uploaded to eBay last week. Just like every other girl in quarantine, I am changing my life. Bettering my morals. Exercising is always on my mind. Eating healthy is my only option now, well because I am making self improvements during this time. Quarantine is a time for self-love and redefinement; if you are not following these heavily pushed societal rules, then you are a disappointment. When I am not keeping up with my YouTube workout routine, fixing my family the most elaborate and robust meals, cutting my grass with scissors or analyzing the financials of my new business plan, you will find me painting. Even though there is not a moment of tranquility, I took another job upon myself: to make some money during quarantine. 

I lathered colors upon colors. Primary colors. Pastel colors. And every color in between. After spending hours crafting my splendid canvas that grew from the tones that emerged, I was done. The clock struck 2:30 a.m., but that did not matter, I needed to share my masterpiece. I FaceTimed a few of my friends to display my angelic and crowd-gathering worthy masterpiece. My friends laughed in amazement. They had never seen anything like it. Some may think that their laughter came from a place of disgust, but that is where you are wrong. Rather, they did not have the emotions to express their admiration. The human race, as a whole, cannot even process such beauty. This is where my career took off. 

I could not be greedy and let such a marvelous piece just sit in my sleeping quarters, so I gave the world an opportunity to purchase it by posting it to eBay. To this day, the world is still processing on how to react to this piece, which alters the norms of beauty, so there are not any offers, but once our mass population can stop staring at the painting, which can not even be defined as art, as that would be demeaning, the offers will coming raining in. 

I encourage the students of LHS to take this opportunity to explore their creative side as I did. Although one’s “art” could never live up to mine, I hope to see other students finding themselves painting even if they are failing.