Falling hard for fall


Heartland Country Corn Maze

Changing annually, the Heartland County Corn Maze has sculpted a giraffe into this year’s 2020 maze.

Anna Engels, Staff Writer

The most underrated season of the year. The season that gets lumped into winter or summer depending on the weather. The season that no one looks forward to, except me. Limited edition food and drinks, corn mazes, haunted houses, sports, scary movies and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween. If you are not already excited about fall, you will be soon. 

I can get every girl to become interested in this article with one word: Starbucks. That is right. Along with many other things that come with fall, Starbucks releases limited edition foods and drinks within this season. The fall menu is now available in Starbucks stores around the country and it includes fan favorites such as the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” and the “Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.” The fall treats are just as impressive, including the “Pumpkin Scone” and a “Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin.” I am heading there now, hope to see you there. 

Do not worry boys, I did not forget about you. Personally, my favorite sports are played in the fall, so here is a little preview for my sports fans. We are starting the second out of 17 weeks in the NFL season and we are already off to a good start (unless you are a Vikings fan, sorry!). Although the preseason was canceled, the talented teams are playing to win with an unpredictable season this year. Keep a lookout for these big games coming up this Sunday: Broncos vs. Steelers, Vikings vs. Colts and the Lions vs. Packers at 12 p.m. CT. 

As far as activities go, there are plenty, so listen up. The annual Heartland Country Corn Maze, located Southeast of Harrisburg, is up and running on Sept. 18. With an entry fee of $8 for adults and $4 for children, this fun adventure is sure to keep people of any age entertained. I know what you are thinking, “I am too old for that,” well for all you daredevils out there, this maze also offers a Haunted Corn Maze on Oct. 30 and 31, bring a flashlight! If that is not scary enough, the Jaycees Feargrounds is opening on Oct. 2. This year, two different attractions are being shown. The “Haunted House,” which consists of intricate mazes with characters and props designed to scare you, and “Emily’s Closet” which is built to give you an experience that you are stuck in a nightmare. If you are brave enough to go, I would recommend bringing a second pair of pants.

With these festive foods and favorable activities, if I have not convinced you that fall is the superior season, you are a lost cause.