‘The Bachelorette’ returns


Taylor Schmitz

Clare Crawley was announced to be season 16’s bachelorette on Good Morning America.

Taylor Schmitz, Staff Writer

Oct. 13, 2020, marks the return of every teenager’s favorite show: “The Bachelorette.” Like the rest, this season packs in just as much romance, excitement and of course, drama, that every viewer craves. However, expect it to be a little different this year since the crew is filming amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the main changes that can be noticed on the 16th season of “The Bachelorette” are the anticipated hometown dates. This year, instead of traveling to different cities to meet contestants’ families, the families will be coming to the set at which the show is filmed. The ‘ABC’ smash hit is keeping the safety of everyone involved with the show at the forefront. This includes the requirement for all contestants and crew members to be tested before entering the private venue and then quarantine on-site for the duration of the season’s shoot.

Our leading woman quarantined on set is, of course, Clare Crawley. She was announced to be this season’s Bachelorette on March 2, 2020, on Good Morning America, and at age 39 she became the oldest bachelorette in the show’s history. Crawley initially appeared with the franchise back in 2014 on Juan Pablo Galavis’s Bachelor season. She made it to the final two but her relationship ended in a heated fight with Galavis at the final rose podium. Now, Crawley says that the one quality she needs in her future partner is respect, something that Galavis did not give her.

Hopefully, Crawley will find the respect she needs within her whopping 42 contestants. The suitors’ ages range from 25 to 40 and are from different cities throughout the country and in Canada. Surprisingly enough, one contestant will be representing South Dakota in the fight for Crawley’s heart. 31-year-old Dale Moss from Brandon, South Dakota is a former pro football athlete and involved in the entertainment world. He hopes to find love this season in Crawley.

No matter what events are in store for season 16 of “The Bachelorette,” we can count on Crawley, the contestants and the show’s crew members to provide entertainment for our Tuesday nights. So buckle up because, in the words of Chris Harrison, this is going to be the most dramatic season yet.