Coming soon: RISE room refreshments

Alexis Miller, Feature Editor

The next few months hold an array of holidays, school breaks and a special addition, RISE room refreshments. This year, RISE students have been given the opportunity to develop their work/study skills through the addition of an integrated sales activity. This will consist of creating treat bags, selling the items and collecting the money; it will be a life-skills lesson, with an added bonus for LHS students! 

“We are utilizing this as a work opportunity,” said Jane Eckstaine, Special Education Teacher. “The money we raise will then go back to help purchase items needed in the RISE room, class parties or eventual class field trips.” 

This year-long fundraiser will include a monthly treat that students can purchase for $1; these items can be bought for yourself or another student/staff member. In addition, each goodie bag will be holiday-themed and reflect the particular month that the treat is being delivered in. 

“The bag will consist of various candies,” said Eckstaine. “Students and staff can purchase these items, via email, and the money will be collected on delivery day.” 

The first delivery day is designated for the week of Oct. 25-30, in WIN time. Towards the middle of the month, Halloween-themed flyers will be handed out to students and hung up around the halls of LHS. 

It is important to remember that this is a learning opportunity for the RISE students. With COVID-19 being so prominent throughout this year, it has halted their job opportunities and work spaces. 

“We RISE teachers wanted to provide another opportunity for our students to work on job skills,” said Eckstaine. “A big part of our RISE program is getting students out working in the community; however, the Covid-19 situation has put a halt to that happening at this time. So, we thought this was a great way for students to work on these skills, get more involved with their peers and have fun in the process.”

For those interested in further details, please contact the LHS Special Education staff, or visit your K-12 email for more information. Students and staff are encouraged to support their fellow members with purchases each month! 

We are very excited about this opportunity for our students,” said Eckstaine. “Many of them don’t have classes with a big portion of the LHS students here, so this is another way they can be involved and get to know others outside their classroom.”

To order a treat bag, please visit the following link:


Ty Schaefer is a student mentor for the RISE classroom; here, he is pictured with Joseph Mersha, a RISE student.