Homeschooling in a whole new way


Bella Engebretson

Virtual Academy use APEX learning to take their classes at home.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer

Due to the pandemic, many things have changed. Students and families have become very cautious while also following the regulations like social distancing, mask-wearing and staying home when necessary. LHS gave students the opportunity this school year to switch to virtual academy. Students have talked about switching so they do not have to go to school, they can sleep in and do their work when they want.This prompts the question, is switching to virtual academy worth it?

Deciding to switch requires some paperwork with the student and parent, communication with counselors and an actual commitment to do the work. Virtual academy only lets a student take three classes at a time, which can affect them in a positive or negative way. Going online comes with benefits, but students can struggle at home just as easily as they would in the classroom. 

Some students have realized that after switching, they have had more quality time with their family and have grown stronger bonds with them. 

“Going online has made me focus a lot more, gave me a lot more time to spend with my family and hold myself to a higher standard,” said LHS sophomore Azzy Brunz. 

Many families have been affected by COVID-19, and with students doing virtual academy, family members have a higher chance of staying healthy.

 “I decided to switch because I felt more comfortable in my own home, and I did not have to worry about getting my family sick,” said LHS sophomore Sydney Gates. 

Along with keeping families healthy, going online allows students to learn the material at their own pace which can be very helpful for some students.

“A benefit of switching online is being able to do my work on my own time, do multiple weeks of assignments in a short period and not have anything for a couple of days,” said LHS sophomore Mackenzie McDaniel. 

Online learning gives students chances to learn the way that they want and go at a pace that works for them, however, it can be hard to do, whether the cause is no motivation or no focus.

 “It gets hard to stay motivated to do my work because I do not have anyone telling me what to do like a teacher would,” said McDaniel. 

When a student is at home doing their school work, it can be easy for one to get distracted. It does not take long to forget about an assignment due at midnight, or a project due in two days. 

Switching to virtual academy requires commitment and communication; it is not always easy to stay focused or keep the motivation the whole semester to complete classes. Students at home also miss the social aspect of school which could affect them drastically. Virtual academy has benefits but also comes with disadvantages depending on what the student makes of it.