Ivy bound


Photo provided by Ana Simeonova

Ana Simeonova is the first LHS student ever to be accepted and plan to attend Yale University.

Kate McCartney, Feature Editor

Among former presidents, politicians, CEOs and accomplished entertainers, senior Ana Simeonova is the first LHS student to join these prestigious people next year at Yale University.

It is not uncommon to see Simeonova around LHS; she is a part of cross country, track and Math, as well as, English National Honor Society (NHS). Simeonova is also president of Science NHS, a youth action council leader for the Serve and Learn Student Association (SALSA) and plays the violin. Being heavily involved at LHS has been a large part of Simeonova’s abundance of academic success. 

“Running has taught me how to stay committed and dedicated to something every day, and has not only made me a hard worker physically, but also mentally,” said Simeonova. “It’s helped me commit to hard work and pushed me even when I didn’t want to. That’s really extended into my school work and other activities too.”

Simeonova has been dreaming about her postsecondary plans for a while, but not until recent years did she set her mind to Yale.

“When I was in sixth grade my violin teacher started talking to me about college and she really encouraged me to get involved and work hard, so that I could go wherever I wanted to,” said Simeonova. “It wasn’t until the summer after my sophomore year when I attended the Yale Young Global Scholars summer program that I realized I loved the school.”

It is evident school is a big part of Simeonova’s life and she credits her academic achievements to the people who have helped her along the way. 

“Most importantly, [I] value teachers because they work so hard for us. I definitely would not have gotten so much out of my education the past four years if it weren’t for them,” said Simeonova. “They are passionate about what they do and I appreciate the time they dedicate to me and to other students. I really want to be able to have an impact half as great as theirs’ someday.” 

Fitting as Science NHS president, Simeonova plans to study chemistry or cellular biology in New Haven.

 “[At Yale], I was constantly surrounded by some of the brightest and most interesting people I had ever met, and the professors were so passionate and excited about what they researched and taught,” said Simeonova. “I loved how at the same time everyone wanted to share their interests with others and learn about other people’s passions too.”

Simeonova speaks worthy advice to those seeking to attend higher education or even strive for the Ivy League. 

“I would suggest doing a lot of research on schools that interest you and find programs and communities that would fit you,” said Simeonova. “Ultimately finding a place that will support you and allow you to get the most out of your education is the most important thing.”