New books in the LHS library: The January Edition


Alexis Miller

The LHS library often has their recently purchased books on display in a case near the entrance.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

Book #1

Title: “Harrow Lake”

Author: Kat Ellis

Pages: 299

Book Description: “Harrow Lake” is the story of a famous horror film-maker and his daughter Lola. One night, Lola comes home to find her father stabbed in their house. During her father’s recovery, she is sent to live with her grandmother. It turns out that her grandmother has continued to live in the town of Harrow Lake, where her father shot his first horror film starring Lola’s mother, who left her and her father when Lola was young. When she arrives, it becomes apparent that the town has continued to obsess over the film, for this is what made them famous. As she digs deeper into the town’s history, she discovers that there were similar disappearances like the ones in her father’s story. Lola finds herself amidst a mystery but begins to wonder: Is what she is seeing real or simply imagined? 

Librarian’s Recommendation: “I would recommend this book for both females and males,” said Mary Peters. 

Mrs. Peters’ Review: “I really enjoyed the surprise twist,” said Peters. “I had no idea what was coming for me in the end.” 

Book #2 

Title: “Serpent & Dove” 

Author: Shelby Mahuri 

Pages: 519 

Book Description: This novel can be classified in the genre of fantasy; it is a story of magic and witchcraft. The main character Louise was a member of the witch’s coven, but she makes the decision to separate herself from the world of witchcraft. At this time, witches were being burned and drowned for their beliefs, and a fear began to grow in Louise which ultimately led to her separation. As she begins her journey in the ‘normal’ world, she is caught between the world of witches and her true love. Reid is a gentleman, but a man of the church. This concerns her, but not enough to keep Louise from marrying Reid. Their relationship causes a great war between the witches and the church. Unfortunately, Louise is stuck in the middle. She ran away out of fear, but there is still an inkling of regret. This regret will lead to Louise having to make a difficult decision: love or power? 

Librarian’s Recommendation: “I would recommend this novel for both guys and girls,” said Peters. “It has an aspect of romance, which may turn a few boys away, but the action and magic could intrigue both.” 

Mrs. Peters’ Review: “I have never been a huge fantasy reader, but this selection was a great mix of action and unknowns,” said Peters. 

Book #3 

Title: “The Night Olivia Fell” 

Author: Christina McDonald 

Pages: 342

Description: Our main character is Abi; the novel begins with Abi receiving a phone call, one that would change her world. Her daughter, Olivia, has fallen off a bridge and she’s unconscious. Abi then begins her journey to the hospital, and when she arrives she is given the news that her teenage daughter is pregnant. Abi was not aware of this and begins to create many different scenarios regarding how the fall could have happened. But the police only have two conclusions: her daughter either had an accidental fall or a purposeful jump. Yet Abi is not convinced and begins to dig into her daughter’s history. Abi is on a mission to discover who the father is, and prove that her daughter is not the ‘jumping type.’ But she stumbles upon many secrets that ultimately will lead to the big reveal of the novel. 

Librarian’s Recommendation: “I would say this is geared towards females,” said Peters. 

Mrs. Peters’ Review: “I really enjoyed it,” said Peters. “I liked the mystery of not knowing how Olivia ended up falling… I mean part of it really did make you think she jumped. The suspense was really good!” 

Book #4 

Title: “The Black Kids” 

Author: Christina Hammonds Reed 

Pages: 362 

Description: This story takes place during the Rodney King Riots, and our main character is a an African-American girl named Ashley. Ashley is approaching the end of her senior year, and until recently, she has had it good. She had a wealthy family, an education anTHe T\d she had yet to truly face adversity. But the tragedy of Rodney King turns Ashley’s life upside down. She has a realization; even though she is wealthy and educated, she is still living in a world where she is viewed as different. Through all these protests, the city burning and the violence, Ashley begins questioning why she is viewed as less.  Is it just because of the color of her skin? 

Librarian’s Recommendation: “I would recommend this book to both guys and gals,” said Peters. “There are some good life lessons in here for everyone.” 

Mrs. Peters’ Review: “I’m glad I read this book now,” said Peters. “We’re dealing with this again in our world today, but it also gives you a touch of history. It truly makes you realize that some things just haven’t changed, but maybe they should. It makes you think a lot about people and what their actions say.” 

Book #5 

Title: “Concrete Rose” 

Author: Angie Thomas 

Pages: 360 

Description: Thomas is the author of two novels that share insights into the world of the less fortunate. This specific novel takes place in Garden Heights, 17 years before the bestselling novel, “The Hate You Give.” The main character is a 17-year-old boy named Maverick, the son of a former gang member. His father is in prison and he works multiple jobs to support himself and his mother. But the story takes a twist when Maverick becomes a father too. At 17 years old, Maverick realizes how hard it might be to step out of the life he was left in. Maverick is now working for a gang, selling drugs and trying to go to school, all while the child’s birth is approaching. But will he be able to escape the life his father left for him, and create a new one for himself and his unborn child? 

Librarian’s Recommendation: “This book is suitable for both boys and girls,” said Peters. “The main character is male, but there are female presences.” 

Mrs. Peters’ Review: “I’ve only read a chapter, but the book is highly reviewed online, and I am super excited to continue reading!” said Peters.