‘RISE’ to the occasion, and support LHS special education students


Mara Fendrich

The LHS Special Education students spend their 2nd and 3rd periods helping to fund-raise for their program, RISE.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

Each month, students at LHS are given the opportunity to purchase refreshments in support of their peers. In early Oct. a decision was made to instill a program that benefited the special education students while allowing these individuals to integrate themselves into LHS classrooms. 

Not only did it allow students of all abilities to connect, but it gave RISE students the ability to learn and grow in their communication and everyday life-skills. 

¨Students are more involved and able to interact with students outside of their RISE classes,¨ said Jane Eckstaine, Special Education Teacher. ¨They can also work on job skills by packaging up the goody bags/treats each month! Overall, they learn social and academic skills.”

Since October there has been an array of treats. This month´s consists of a popcorn ball, which can be purchased for $1. The procedure for ordering has stayed relatively the same, but a simple update may allow additional students to become aware of the fundraiser. 

“Students and staff can purchase these items, via email, and the money will be collected on delivery day,” said Eckstaine. 

You can purchase the product for yourself, a friend, family member or teacher. The rules and regulations for his fundraiser are simple and laid back, which is greatly appreciated by LHS students. 

The appreciation for this fundraiser has not gone unnoticed. With just under $1,000 fundraised, it has been quite a success for the RISE students and staff. 

“We have not yet decided if we will be continuing this [into the 2021-22 school year]…I could see it being very beneficial if we do,” said Eckstaine. 

Regardless of the continuation of the program, the special education teachers have made a difference in the lives of each student. When COVID-19 hit, and the student’s work program was discontinued, the staff did not hesitate to become creative and innovative. 

Overall, LHS has been privileged to have special education staff that devotes time to improving their school, while turning a profit and allowing RISE students to learn real-life lessons throughout the process. 

“My greatest advice is to continue purchasing treats each month and allowing RISE students (all students) to be involved in school activities,” said Eckstaine.