A future Stanford musician


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Elizabeth Jerstad poses with her violin, which she plans to continue playing at Stanford next year.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer


Some know Elizabeth Jerstad for her many extracurricular activities ranging from student council representative and track star to homecoming queen but her plans for next year follow the projectile of achieving even greater successes. 

Jerstad has been playing the violin for approximately 14 years, since she was just three years old, and has continued to grow her skills over the years to become the talented and hard-working musician she is today. She plans to attend Stanford University located in Stanford, California in the fall where she will continue in the arts, playing the violin. Her immense experience in the music industry over the years including playing in groups such as the South Dakota Symphony Youth Orchestra, LHS Orchestra and National Youth Orchestra 2 (NYO2) have given Jerstad a taste for her fruitful future playing music in college. 

Jerstad enjoys many aspects of her music career, recalling all the amazing years she has had playing the violin, preparing herself for next year. 

“My favorite part is the classical music community, specifically the players I’ve met through orchestra and chamber music groups,” said Jerstad. “Aside from that, the instructors and mentors I’ve had over the years have been super positive influences on my music career and my life in general.”

Some may find applying for colleges a very stressful and overwhelming time. Jerstad considers all the attractions that made Stanford the perfect fit for herself, and all the work she put in to get herself accepted into such a distinguished university.

“There were a lot of factors that led me to choose Stanford, such as the world-class professors, gorgeous campus, the orchestra, and the ability to wait to declare my major until the end of sophomore year,” said Jerstad. “My application advice for those looking to attend a university such as Stanford would be to dedicate your time in high school to select a few activities you are truly passionate about, rather than trying to jam-pack your resume, quality over quantity!”

However nerve-wracking the application process can be, Jerstad provides calming advice to those looking to pursue such a prestigious college pathway. 

“More generally, I would advise students to relax after submitting their application because once it’s submitted the decision is out of your hands so it’s important to keep perspective and stay positive while you await your decision,” said Jerstad. 

Although playing in college may seem daunting, Jerstad has developed many skills in order to prepare herself for the pressure she may face at Stanford.

“I plan to continue playing violin individually in college, but I also hope to audition for the Stanford Symphony Orchestra,” said Jerstad. “Performing in venues such as Carnegie Hall, New World Center, and the Washington Pavilion has taught me how to manage stressful situations which I hope will aid me in the music industry environment.”

Jerstad greatly looks forward to her thrilling journey, highly anticipating the move to California and all the phenomenal factors she will experience at Stanford.

“I am very excited to escape the cold and bike around campus from class to class every day,” said Jerstad. “On a deeper level, I am very excited to explore new areas of study and to meet classmates from all around the globe.”