Abe’s week at LHS


Trey Salava

The LHS Patriot Pride Committee is dedicated to the well-being of LHS and its students. Here, the organization’s members are pictured with “Abe Lincoln” during their annual Clash Of Coins fundraiser.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

Each school in the Sioux Falls School District has been privileged to honor the name of an American hero or well-known historical figure. LHS is named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America. 

    Throughout the halls of LHS, you can observe statues, paintings and quotes that represent the President. Lincoln is well honored within the school, but especially throughout his birthday week, Feb. 8-12. 

    This year, the LHS Patriot Pride Committee designed a unique, week-long event in honor of the birth of Lincoln. Each week-day helda special celebration designed to inform students about Lincoln’s life while allowing the students to have some fun! 

Monday-Friday: Three trivia questions were sent via email to the LHS students and faculty members. If any  person were to answer the three questions correctly, they were submitted to a drawing for various gift certificates. 

Tuesday and Thursday: Cutouts of Lincoln’s face were hidden around the halls of LHS. Students were able to search for these faces during the passing period, after W.I.N. time. Once a face was discovered, the students brought it to student services for a Dairy Queen or Get N’ Go coupon! 

Friday: In honor of Lincoln, a birthday bash took place on Friday, Feb. 12. Ice cream sandwiches were available to be purchased for $1 throughout 4th and 5th periods . In addition, students were able to see the historical figure roaming the halls; selfies and photos with “Lincoln” were encouraged. 

Week-Long: One of the most important aspects of this week was a fundraiser in honor of Lincoln. ‘Clash of Coins’ was a week-long challenge between each grade level. In the library, students could find a bucket with their grades written on the front. Adding coins to the bucket increases the grade’s dollar amount, but adding dollar bills to other classes,  decreased the chosen grade’s total. The goal for this event was set at $150 per grade, totaling a $600 fundraising goal for the school. 

After a great amount of planning, the Patriot Pride Committee was eager to see the final product come together. 

“My favorite event was definitely the ice cream sandwich sale,” said Emily Krueger, a senior involved with the Patriot Pride Committee. “I think it is a fun treat for students during lunch and something they can look forward to throughout the whole week.” 

But, the Patriot Pride Committee is much more than ice cream sandwiches, trivia games, and fundraisers. 

“My favorite thing about this committee is the reason why we do it,” said Krueger. “Our main goal is to recognize students’ academic achievement. We also strive to recognize the students who have made tremendous progress throughout the school year. It always seems sports and music groups are recognized for the achievement, so we aim to recognize those students who may not participate in activities.” 

Students interested in the Patriot Pride Committee have the chance to join beginning in the fall of 2021. 

“In the fall, students have the opportunity to apply to be on this committee,” said Krueger. “Teachers can also recommend students. The application process is very simple and we hope to find students who stand out in their classes. We like to have people from all groups of the school in the committee to represent their activities.” 

Overall, this week has proven to be a rewarding event for the Patriot Pride Committee. If even one student becomes interested in the opportunity of joining the committee, it is a successful effort from the group. To learn more, contact Meghan Anderson-Finch or visit student services.