New books in the LHS library: The March edition


Alexis Miller

The LHS library is stocked with books of all genres, including, but not limited to, the featured novels below, which include fantasy, mystery, thriller and science-fiction.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

As we approach the end of the 2020-21 school year, and summer nears, why not find a book that will continue your educational advancements? Visit the LHS library for recommendations on a novel handpicked for you, or continue reading for universal book selections! 


Book #1

Book Title: “The Project”

Book Author: Courtney Summers

Genre: Realistic Mystery

Book Description: In this mystery novel, the main character Lo is troubled by a group called ‘The Unity Project.’ To truly understand the situation, we need to look into Lo’s past. When she was only a teen, Lo’s parents were killed in a tragic accident and she was left with her older sister and her aunt who played a role in raising her furthermore. But, soon after the accident, her sister left to join a group called ‘The Unity Project.’ This group claimed to be a community of leaders changing the world, but Lo believed it was much more… maybe a cult? Time passes and it’s been years since Lo has had any contact with her sister. In fact, she had all but forgotten about the so-called ‘cult,’ when a man walked into her boss’s office. Lo being an eavesdropper, overheard the conversation and was able to overhear the man claim that his son had been murdered by The Unity Project. This sparks a fire in Lo as she begins to become frightened for her sister. She soon decides to take the investigation into her own hands and that’s when things get interesting… 

Mrs. Peter’s Experience: “I really liked this book,” said Peters. “It gave me the insight into how easily a person can be sucked into believing something or someone.” 


Book #2 

Book Title: “Game Changer”

Book Author: Neal Shusterman

Genre: Science Fiction/Sports 

Book Description: In this science fiction novel the main character, Ash, is a football player. One day on the field Ash is tackled incredibly hard and suffers an injury. When he awakes the world feels different, eerie in a way; it’s as if he is in another dimension. It seems like his world, but the people he used to know have changed. Society is stuck in the ways of the past and Ash is the only one who remembers the advancements that have been made. 

Mrs. Peter’s Experience: “I am only halfway through, but I am really liking it so far,” said Peters. 


Book #3 

Book Title: “Initial Insult”

Book Author: Mindy McGinnis 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Book Description: In this thriller novel, the main character, Tress, is uncovering a mystery: the disappearance of her parents. At the young age of 8, Tress had to say goodbye to her mom and dad for the very last time. One night, Tress’s parents drove her best friend home after a playdate, but they never returned. Yet, somehow, Tress’s friend Felicity was found safe and sound in her home. Now, Tress is forced to live with her grandfather, the town outcast, and she is not happy about it. So, what does she do? She decides to get revenge. Tress plans a Halloween party, but what most don’t know, is this party was created to torture Felicity. Will she pull it off? 

Mrs. Peter’s Experience: “I loved this book,” said Peters. “It is keeping me on the edge and continuing to make me want more of the story.” 


Book #4 

Book Title: “Lore”

Book Author: Alexandrea Bracken

Genre: Fantasy

Book Description: In this fantasy novel our main character is a girl named Lore! If you’re a lover of all things greek gods and goddesses, this book is for you! In this story, our greek gods and goddesses have just been turned into humans. Of course, everybody is out to get them; many even want to kill them. Lore, our main character, has just suffered an incredible loss: her entire family was brutally murdered. Now, she seeks revenge on the men and women who played a role in the killing of her family members. So, she meets up with her friend named Casper and begins to plot her despise. But, will it cost her her own life? 

Mrs. Peter’s Experience: “I am not big into fantasy, but I liked what the author did in reference to the gods and goddesses.” 


Book #5 

Book Title: “The Lake” 

Book Author: Natasha Preston

Genre: Mystery

Book Description: This novel begins with two main characters: Kayla and Esme. When these two were only children they attended a camp at Pine Lake. Now, as readers, we know that something bad took place at this camp, but we are not sure of the exact details. Fast forward and the pair are now teenagers. They decide it’s time to move on from the horrific event and give the camp another try, but this time around as counselors. When the two arrive everything seems normal, but as the week progresses strange things begin happening. For example, a note with the message “The Lake Never Forgets,” is delivered to their cabin. Then, a painting on the barn doors exclaims another message for the pair. Finally, the cherry on top is the venture into the woods. Both the counselors and campers begin a hike, but soon after, they realize all of the flags that give directions were removed: they’re lost. And, to top things off, a camper proclaims that she saw a man in the woods. 

Mrs. Peter’s Experience: “It was great,” said Peters. “I really enjoyed the continued suspense.”