“Missing” for twenty-four years

The movie, Girl in the basement, was released on Hulu in February, 2021.

Hannah Cisar

The movie, “Girl in the basement,” was released on Hulu in February, 2021.

Hannah Cisar, Staff Writer

There are many types of scary movies, such as horror movies, jump scare movies, movies with dolls, movies with clowns and scary movies that are based on true stories, making your insides churn. “Girl in the Basement,” based on a true story, is a movie that was released on Feb. 27, 2021. In 2008, 36-year-old Elisabeth Fritzl escaped the home she was being held captive in for the past 24 years, to get help from the police. Twelve years later, the horrifying real life story was turned into a movie that gained attention very fast. 

Elizabeth Fritzl, born April 1966, lived with her mother, father and six siblings. When she turned 18, her father Josef Fritzl, held her hostage in the cellar in his basement. Josef abused, raped and impregnated Elizabeth for 24 years before she finally escaped. Both the mother and six siblings of Elizabeth, thought she had run away from home to explore the world. No one in the household, besides Josef, had any idea that Elizabeth was in fact below them in the basement the whole time. 

Josef Fritzl married Roasmarie Fritzl at the age of 21, she was 17 years old. They later had seven children, five boys and two girls. Elisabeth was threatening to run away and explore the world after she turned 18 and graduated from high school. According to her father, she also disobeyed him aften. Because of this, Josef felt he had to take control of Elisabeth, he then took her downstairs and locked her in his secret cellar. During the 24 years she was locked in the basement, she had seven children with her father, losing one to a misacrriage from her father beating her while she was pregnant. Soon before Elisabeth escaped, Josef attempted to gas the cellar with Elisabeth and her children in it. However, he didn’t follow through with it. 

After this crazy, horrifying story got released in 2008, it was turned into the movie, “Girl in the Basement.” Many question how a family of nine could not discover that Elisabeth, a daughter and sibling, was just below them in the basement the 24 years she had been missing, which has proven to make people question how great our society really is.

Overall, the movie, “Girl in the Basement,” is a must see. Although it may pull at your heartstrings a bit or make one uncomfortable at times, it is a very interesting movie. From it being a true story to the insane plot of the movie, I would highly recommend watching this movie.