Save now, spend later


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The summer countdown has begun, here are some easy ways to start your saving.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

The best time of year is only a couple of months away. For most of us, summer can be a time where lots of money is spent. With summer vacations, shopping adventures, ice cream runs and many more random summer expenses, it’s nice to start saving up beforehand. To remind you to start saving, here are some of the ways you can save and make money before summer. 


Clean out your closet

This first way is one that can make you money, and when you are done, you’ll feel like a new person. Going through your closet seems like a boring and unnecessary task, but it is very worth it in the end. You may even find something you’ve been looking for, or something you thought you didn’t have or knew that fit. Once you have gone through your clothes, take the ones you find yourself not wearing anymore or that are too small to Plato’s Closet, a local retailer for buying and selling secondhand clothing here in Sioux Falls. It is a very easy process and more than likely you will walk out with cash. 


Stop buying overpriced drinks every morning

This way of saving may be challenging for the majority. A five-dollar drink every morning adds up, and you can simply make them from home. There are several recipes out there that show you how to make any Starbucks drink from home. I guarantee they are somewhere in your Tik Tok feed. Making drinks from home saves your money and they can be fun to personalize each day. It may seem redundant but you will thank yourself later. 


Set aside a chunk of your paycheck

This one might be one of the best options when it comes to saving your money. If you set aside a small portion of your paycheck, two months down the road you will hopefully have a larger portion of spending money for summer. Even saving $10-20 each paycheck is enough to hold you over for summer spending. 


Eat at home during open lunch

If you have an open lunch period and you’ve gotten in the habit of eating fast food every day, this would be a great way to cut back on spending. Personally, I used to stress about not having enough time to come home and make a good lunch. On an average day, I spend about a total of 16 minutes driving home and back, leaving me with about 15 minutes to make something and 15 minutes to eat it. I have plenty of time to get back and I save myself a large portion of money. If you constantly eat out during open lunch, I recommend going home and making a lunch; this will cut back on your spending and help you save up fast. 


These are only a few of the ways you can start saving your money for summer. If you start saving now, you will have plenty of money to cover those unnecessary summer purchases.